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    Default Re: New homebrew challenge for myself [need advice to get started] (Angelic Paragons)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletmanalive View Post
    I'm going to voice again the suggestion [i'm not sure who made it first] that this would probably be better served with a handful of angels that are exemplars of the virtues of Good, as per the guidelines placed in BoED.

    The scheme based on the "breeds" of angels seems odd somehow, especially if the are placed in the Upper Planes as opposed to their tasked planes from the breed descriptions.

    Perhaps picking say, the seven beatitudes, and assigning an angel to each would be more effective in finding guidelines for what these angels are supposed to be about. For instance, i have no idea what the first angel is supposed to be the angel OF...
    What is Talisad the Guardinal of? What is Sealtiel the Archon of? They don't conform to a single thing, they are simply celestial paragons who do something. I came up with things these five angels do before I made them paragons of the five types of angel. Giving them a tye of angle simply expands their focus to actually affecting something in the planes.

    For instance, Isamukemen, the first one, is the paragon of planetars because he is a) a planetar who ascended, most of these guys were one type of angel or another, and b) he defends against planar incursion by fiends and other malicious outsiders, exactly what planetars do, so naturally he'd keep them around. If that's not enough of a specialized role, that's what I've got this thread for. I can only think of so much at a time when I'm designing these classes without any previous material to help me. Got any suggestions for other things Isamukemen and Agapeial and the others could have inlfuence over portfolio-wise?

    Working off the seven beatitudes doesn't work for two reasons. One for the reason this thread almost would have been locked (it's a religious thing) and two, there aren't seven good angelic paragons there, there are five. One's neutral and the other's evil.
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