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    Default Base Class Challenge - The Altar of Naught

    Altar of Naught

    Welcome back, ya'll, to my base class contest! The rules (below) are the same as before - make an original D&D 3.5 base class and fight for the right to keep your kneecaps!

    1. You will be making an original D&D 3.5 base class, themed around the void; necromantic mages calling forth shadows, soul-sucking assassins, or even a ninja-like class that blinks in and out of existence. There are no other real restrictions, other than the fact that you cannot have posted this class anywhere else before. Aside from that, anything goes - psionics, martial manuevers, spellcasting, whatever.

    2. Submissions are due by August 30th or earlier, and should be submitted in the format which will follow in the next post. Incomplete entries will be disqualified; no exceptions.

    3. Plagarism is strictly forbidden.

    Aside from that, feel free to create whatever you need; new mechanics, brand-new feats, items, whatever!

    Chat thread; entries only in this thread, please


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