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    Ethereal Magic on the Ethereal Plane

    Given where ethereal magic draws its power from it likely comes as no surprises that it is more powerful on the ethereal plane. While on the ethereal plan, ethercasters and other users of ethereal magic gain the following benefits.
    • They are treated as having twice the capacity for ethereal mist. It is not unlimited due to it requiring some essence of other planes to mix with it which is what allows them to create the mist forms. However it is easier for them to draw that essence than it draw the mist itself. If an ethercaster enters the ethereal plane, double the amount of mist they can still leak that day. When they leave halve what is left (rounded down).
    • Mist forms can last outside the range of the essences they are leaking in from other planes. Instant mist forms have their range increased to the area of the essences + 15'. Mist forms with a duration must originate within the area, but no longer immediately end if they the area, instead lasting until their duration runs out.
    • Mist forms are easier to perform. Mist forms that would be cast as spells are instead cast as spell-like abilities. Mist forms that would be cast as spell-like abilities are instead cast as supernatural abilities. Mist forms that would be cast as supernatural abilities are instead cast as extraordinary abilities.
    • Mist forms are more powerful. Any DC's of mist forms are increased by 1. Any damage dealt by mist forms is increased by 1.

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