Zhelezo "Zhe" Setka
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 25-ish
Alignment: Neutral something or something neutral.
Class (or approximation): Eh...
Description: A young woman of average height; Zhe is very thin and underfed-looking. She has a strange black tattoo over her right shoulder, and her left arm is mechanical. So is her right eye. She has black hair reaching to about her shoulders and an x-shaped scar between her eyes; the scar's crossed slashes reach from her cheeks to above her eyebrows.
Her clothing is a black tank top, black leather pants, and black cowboy boots. All of them look as if they've been thrown against many walls with her in them.

Equipment and Abilities: She has a wrist-blade in her mechanical arm.
Her mechanical eye has several vision filters.