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    I'll try to stick to only a single character this time, and see if it can give enough focus for me to partake for longer, I remember the days of only-Senna in the mortal world, and those were good and active. I'll do my best, and hopefully, I'll come back properly once and for all.

    Second squad, Onmitskidou, Unranked from own and nobility requests.

    Akemi Jomei


    Name (first name) Akemi (Beautiful Dawn) (family name) Jomei (He/she/they who spread light)

    Age: 194 years old

    Gender: Male

    Reiatsu: A cool spring breeze with orchid undertones, both in scent and colour

    Alegiance and position: Gotei 13, Second Squad onmitskidou, unranked on own and Nobility request. First and foremost loyal to the house of Akimoto and Miyako Akimoto Sama.

    The face of Akemi Jomei is more that of a woman than that of a young man, his features are soft and his skin is pale, his chin and jaw are thin, and his nose is gentle. Indeed, his bodyframe is, as a whole, more gentle than many fighting boys his age, delicate and pale with thin fingers and seemingly fragile wrists. His hair is long and soft, pure black, cut to the standards of a noble woman, often worn in a ponytail to prevent it from blocking his view too much, the view gained from deep hazel eyes.

    Indeed, many a person would call him feminine, overtly so even, but it is something he prides himself in. When not on stealthoperations for the onmitskidou, his outfit changes, moss greens, reddish browns reminiscent of rust or dried blood, soothing purples and gentle blues, but always with a straw hat. Whether on a mission or not, the straw hat will be with him, either on top of his head, or slung behind his shoulders.

    In adition, he always carries a Kokyu, a traditional japanese stringed instrument, similar to the chinese Erhu.

    Burn a handful of years after his beloved princess, he has, since birth, been chosen as an actor and a servant of the Noble Daughter Miyako Akimoto. Raised a Kabuki actor, his gentler features caused the roles of women to often fall upon him when his family put on plays for the House. Joined with the acting and his place as a servant came a deep education in the arts, of which music came more naturally for him than painting and caligraphy.

    Following the great tragedy, the death of the oldest son of the Akimoto Household, Miyako joined the academy. Desperate not to lose the person whom his life had been dedicated to, meant for, almost created for, Akemi went before the master on his knees, begging him to allow entrance into the academy.

    As Miyako was recruited into the Onmitskidou, Akemi had his choise clear, it was no longer a matter of following the friends he had made throughout his years in the academy, but rather to focus, wholeheartedly, on gaining entryship into the onmitskidou.

    Calm and humbled before his princess, however, he is not always a pushover, at least not unless someone speaks ill of the house in some way. He will serve, he will protect, and he will follow Miyako into death, and this by his own choosing. Some could call him brainwashed, however, he did chose the academy over continuing his career as a Kabuki actor within the protected walls of the family manor.

    Kazehana (Flowerwind)

    The sealed form of Kazehana takes the shape of a humble, unmarked katana with an all black hilt and the saya laquered in a matte black finish, it is unnoticable and does not draw attention to it. The tskuba is the only noticable part, a flower with petals falling off of it, delicately modeled. It would apear that, as he slowly grows in power, Akemi's zanpakuto changes to grow more personal, since it started out as the standard katana handed to academy students.

    "Utate, Kazehana" (Sing, flowerwind)
    The zanpakuto as well as its saya unravel into petals that are spreads around him on the soft wind brought on by releasing reiatsu. However, the petals are not his weapon.

    Invisible bar for the glinting reflections of sunlight or moonlight, long wires float about him, attatched to his fingers and wrists by means of bracelets and rings. A sound, close to that of wind through leaves is heard, the wires cutting air as the swirl about. They can be used to snare, or even hurt or kill enemies. However, they are not so sharp as to cut through anything, it would almost seem as if though they are directly related to his own strength as a shinigami. Not to say that they are not dangerous, they are, after all, the song of the flowerwind.
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