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    Ordo Ventrii

    Gender: Male

    Race: Insomniac

    Age: 108 (in stasis for around 80 years at one point), appears in his late twenties.

    Alignment: Neutral Neutral, neutral. He'll help someone in trouble, but he's not gonna put his life on the line for a good cause.

    Class (or approximation): Something close to a Psion Egoist (someone who changes organic matter through sheer force of will)

    Power Rating: B-

    Description: Ordo is a short, milky pale man with soft, compact facial features. His shock of red hair is often tousled or hastily combed aside. The psion's amber eyes are perpetually fraught with exhaustion, his crimson brow drawn low and grim. He's not particularly skinny or fat, and not entirely out of shape despite the pudge around his stocky midriff.

    Equipment and Abilities: He doesn't use much equipment besides the clothes he wears, excusing a few personal affairs.

    He is a powerful shapeshifter, but not of the subtle variety. He doesn't do other humanoids well. Animals and monsters, mostly. But those, he does very well, gaining all of their strengths and abilities. Of course, he also takes on each creature's inherent weakness.

    Ordo can also shift the bodies of other physical creatures - absorbing their wounds, their powers, or altering them significantly.

    Backstory: A century ago, in a universe far, far away, some foolish high cleric thought it would be a good idea to make sure that no one had to sleep. "Wouldn't it be great," thought he, "If everyone could work and worship all the time without having to stop and sleep?"

    He asked the gods of his world, and, them finding nothing wrong with being worshipped night and day, granted the wish. No one in the world needed to sleep.

    But soon, many wanted sleep. Imagine, after days of staying awake, and being the most tired you've ever felt, and being unable to find rest. This was a side affect of the wish: most people still grew weary and tired, but they were unable to rest. The gods had not foreseen this, but their restless people turned away from gods when they initially failed to correct their mistake. The more... vile deities among them certainly didn't mind. As a result, the benevolent gods did not have enough power to change it back.

    Soon, people began to go mad. Dementia set in. Throughout the surrounding universes, these people became known as the Insomniacs. The temples, the cities, the rich realm they'd built, it all disappeared in a frothy tide of violence and anarchy. The gods, horrified at their folly and the mass insanity of their followers, retreated to their homes and hid. They had relied on worship for sustenance, without it, they slowly wasted away. Their names have already been forgotten.

    Ordo was eight when this occurred. His family, and the majority of the people in his city, went partially or completely insane after months or years without sleep. After a time, Ordo was the only one left in the city. And even he had begun to hallucinate. He began to see things... things he knew weren't there. But, thanks to his being a natural Psion, he was able to stave off the madness that had claimed the majority of his race. In part due to the swift application of a stasis tank by his still-sane father.

    In the end, he left. His world held no more interest for Ordo. And so he travelled to Acronymia and the Nexus. He was employed by NO for a time, the company now known as MERC, before again drifting on to parts unknown.
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