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    Default Nexus Character Directory

    What is this place? Here is the place where aspiring Nexites post their characters, for easy reference. That way, you don't have to describe them every single time they appear!
    What is Nexus? Well, that's a question that can be better answered by the OoC thread. The current incarnation of it can be found here.

    Character pages should follow the general format below, but categories can be added, removed or shuffled around at leisure. The Great Big Index is updated every Sunday, unless I am busy or if I forget.


    I say full name, because though surnames are not required, it helps for indexing, especially for characters with common names like 'Sam' or 'Alex'.
    (use color of speech)

    Alias: Sometimes people go by different names, be they secret identities, titles or simply nicknames. List them here.
    Gender: Male, Female, or anything else really.
    Race/Species: Not everyone is a human. List your species here, be it elf, dwarf or talking bear.
    Age: The number of years your character has lived. If they are from a particularly long lived race, it may also be appropriate to list a human equivalent in brackets.
    Alignment: The Nexus in its current incarnation had its roots in d20 roleplaying. And though we've mostly moved past it, vestiges remain. Alignment can be a good indicator of your character's moral and ethical views, and some characters may have abilities that can detect your character's alignment, or affect you based on it. People are complex, however, and alignment should not be treated as a shackle. If you aren't familiar with the twin-axis alignment scale, it can be found here. Feel free to substitute scales from other cosmologies, if they apply. This field is optional. Well, more optional than the others.
    Class/Profession: Characters may have a wide variety of skills. However, if a character has been studying magic or shrubbery for 20 years, it's probably appropriate to call them a 'Wizard' or a 'Shrubber.' Your character's class goes here.
    Power Rating: In freeform, a wide variety of things are possible, and no one's going to hold you to a certain set of abilities. However, some characters are by nature more powerful than other. Some people like to measure power by this scale, made by Quinsar, and others use this scale, by Neon Knight. This field is also more optional than the others.
    Description: A physical description of your character. It's good to be detailed and specific. Most people find it easier to roleplay if they can get a better picture of the characters involved, and it's easier if you've given them more than 'brown-haired Caucasian male wearing armor'. Clothing can possibly go here, if your character's wardrobe is of the limited variety. Images can go here, but anything much larger than avatar size should be spoilered or linked.
    Personality: Everyone is different, and it's very rare that two people will approach a problem in the exact same way. Unless they're like, super-clones or something. Like alignment, this should not be treated as a shackle. Sometimes people can act against type, especially in stressful situations. This field is also more optional than the others.
    Equipment: Your character's phat lewts. Armor, weapons, paint supplies, clothes, and other devices that your character routinely carries with them.
    Abilities: Your character's skills and abilities. What can they do? What weaknesses do they have? It all goes here.
    Backstory: Very simple. How did your character come to be? "To Come Later" is an acceptable substitute for a long and extensive backstory. Even Especially if you conveniently 'forget' to develop it.
    Miscellaneous: Anything else that you wanna put down.

    The Index posts below are no longer being updated. If you want to be able to direct people to your character pages, it's recommended that you save your own links or perhaps keep a mini-directory in your signature or elsewhere.
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