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    Alias(es): N/A
    Gender: Male
    Species: Celestial-blooded Gold Dragon
    Size: Human/elf form: 175cm, Dragon form: 900 cm (snout-tail), 170 cm (ground-shoulder)
    Age: 4 (looks and acts like a teenager)
    Occupation: Thief Acquisitions Specialist, MERC member.



    In human form, Jazirian typically takes the form of an attractive young human or elf man with pale, almost translucent skin and silver-blonde hair in a stereotypical rogue outfit. His right eye is golden, and his left eye is sky blue. Jazirian is fond of taking the shape of various animals, and is almost constantly experimenting with new forms. No matter what form he takes, however, the color of his eyes always remains the same. Strangely, Jazirian does not smell of sweat, or dead skin, or whatever else it is that people smell of. Instead of the usual body odor, he is always accompanied by the smell of incense and saffron, and very occasionally, ozone.

    In his dragon form, Jazirian measures roughly 9 meters long, with curving horns and a narrow, armored tail. As with all his forms, his right eye is a pure, burning gold, however his left eye is sky blue. His scales are pale gold, like early morning sun, and his horns, claws and spines are streaky white.

    A quite young dragon (rapid aging aside), Jazirian is still lighter framed and somewhat smaller than most dragons at his age of development, seemingly build for speed and high-altitude flying than for the sheer power possessed by most dragons. Indeed, when in flight, Jazirianís skill, speed and maneuverability far outstrips most dragons of equal age and experience.


    Jazirian easily registers to most people as ditzy, vacuous, and somewhat vain. He's easily fixated on pretty and shiny things, especially valuables such as gold and gemstones, and usually finds it difficult to focus on anything but the most basic tasks. Among people, Jazirian tends to be well meaning, but is a bad listener and tends towards emotional immaturity. He is naturally rather shy and unassertive as well, tending to get flustered easily when under pressure. Such personal flaws belie an impressive capability for intense focus when it comes to matters of thievery and subterfuge, however. Jazirian, an impressive technician when it comes to practical aspects of legerdemain and general skullduggery, practices these skills almost more for the simple accomplishment of the task, rather than for the potential wealth it could bring, and doesn't at all mind applying his talents for the benefit of MERC and its clients.


    Aside from the clothes, Jazirian usually carries tools for thieving and escaping bonds, several useful varieties of knife, as well as other light adventuring equipment. Besides his tools, Jazirian doesn't carry any sort of weaponry at all, preferring to avoid conflict wherever possible. He'd rather sneak or just run away from of a potential fight, though should one arise, his natural capabilities are generally sufficient for the task.


    He's a flippin' dragon. He can breath fire, and also a sleeping gas. Since becoming partly Sky Dragon, Jazirian has kept his fire breath, though it has transformed somewhat, becoming more like a vortex of solar flame, losing heat, but becoming far more deadly to vampires, undead, and other creatures of the night. He's exceptionally agile in both his natural dragon and human forms, being both an expert aerial navigator and a peerless acrobat. He's also a very technical hand when it comes to lockpicking, pickpocketing, legerdemain and other general useful tricks of the trade when it comes to subterfuge, skullduggery, and general thieving.

    Despite his skill with sleight-of-hand and some basic charms and prestidigitative abilities, Jazirian's use of magic in the last resort when it comes to fighting is rather unsubtle. Should he get backed into a violent confrontation, he'll skip to blasting things with powerful beams or fireballs, rather softer effects such as sleep or illusion. He's also starting to favor blasts of wind as well, capable of lashing out with hurricane force gales and summoning miniature tornadoes.


    Jazirian and his 3 hatchmates spent most of their lives trapped in their eggs in the custody of a Lich Witch (rhyme, heh), who used their energies to power her spells, leaving them weak. This changed after a certain Fanboy Amakirr raided her fortress, defeating her and rescuing the eggs, where they soon hatched. The disproportionately long time spent in the eggs accelerated their growth, and the four hatchlings spent their short childhood under the tutelage of of Fanboy, Nil and Khiansa. After they grew up, they went their separate ways. Venrai, the Sapphire Dragon, binding herself to Fanboy and becoming as Rider and Mount. Giranule, the first Platinum Dragon since Bahamut himself, bound himself to Nil, aiding him in his crusade against the Seven Dark Towers. Jazirian remained at GLoG, binding himself to no-one, as Khiansa had left some time before, and the Radiant Dragon, whatever his name was, sorta disappeared, because Shas lied and said he would join the plot but didn't. We don't talk about him anymore.
    After getting nearly killed by Jack Empty, Jazirian received a blood infusion from Ingileifr of the Western Peaks, a Sky Dragon native to Valhalla. Thanks to Mysterious Dragon PowersTM, this has resulted in him gaining some of Ingi's powers as the blood has slightly altered his biological makeup, making Jazirian at least partially Sky Dragon in addition to a Gold Dragon.
    Shut up! It totally makes sense!

    Jazirian's birthday is on the 18th of September.
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