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    Kal Blackthorne

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human Tiefling, black dragon heritage.
    Age: 57 (appears in his early 30s)
    Occupation: Knight-Errant, former AMENite, professional nuisance



    Kal is a tiefling of indistinct Mediterranean, Arabic, and European progeny with dark-skin, red hair, and orange eyes. He has most of your typical trademark tiefling features, including pointed ears, itty-bitty horns, and a flexible tail with a spear-shaped tip. Being descended from several royal bloodlines (these being fantasy royals, who tend to be paragons of beauty and stately grace, not real royals, who tend to have weird chins and hemophilia) and also the literal actual Queen of Succubi, one of the more distinct aspects of Kal's appearance is that, well, he's flippin' hawt. 5/7 pure diabolic dreambabe, practically oozing sex from every pore, and practically accompanied 24/7 by his own personal cover of Careless Whisper.

    Kal prefers simple, but flattering clothes, typically of tighter cuts designed to emphasize his toned body and perfectly sculpted muscles and also his butt, which is needless to say, pretty amazing. He's deathly allergic to sleeves of any sort.

    He has the following tattoo on his left shoulder.


    Charmer. Rake. Arrogant, insufferable asshat. All of these words are probably good words to describe Kal with. He's the perennial 'bad boy', treating almost everyone with a playful, seductive mix of easy charm and only mild condescension, openly sensual, yet emotionally distant. Basically, he's a colossal prick wrapped up in a turbulent cloak of sex appeal, though he's been known to be nice to some people on rare occasions. Very few people. A half dozen at most.


    Kal typically carries at least one dagger or other similar small weapon on his person, just to make a show of things, but otherwise seems to eschew the use of weapons entirely, despite an obvious level of familiarity with most melee weapons, especially swords. When questioned on why, the typical answer might sound something like: "Well, I want it to be a fair fight, yeah?"

    Occasionally, Kal might be seen wearing a powerful artifact that also serves as somewhat as a badge of office: a pair of black gauntlets that burn with an infernal heat. These gauntlets, forged out of the highest-grade hell iron, virtually indestructible, fueled by the energies of the damned, and capable of producing blasts of soul-scorching hellfire. The problem is that they're kind of tacky.

    Otherwise, Kal has little possessions of note, though whatever clothes he's wearing (or not wearing), while simple to look at, tend to be excessively fine in their material and construction.


    Kal's royal lineages give him a variety of superhuman abilities. His dragon blood makes him incredibly resistant to almost all harmful magic, as well as making him much stronger and tougher than the average person. The old Dragon Kings were said to have the strength equal to dozens of painted berserkers - while those days are many generations past, and Kal certainly doesn't seem to be able to match such legendary tales, dragon blood doesn't fade easy. He's highly trained and skilled at fighting, including swordplay and unarmed combat, with an old soldier's experience when it comes to battle tactics and strategy that comes from a lifetime of fighting and waging war.

    From his mother's side, Kal has a typical suite of Incubus-themed diabolical powers, including the ability to understand and speak any language, a limited ability to change his face and appearance, and supernatural pulchritude and sexual allure. Kal also has a surface-level form of empathy power that allows him to detect the emotions of nearby people, especially strong emotions related to anger, passion, and desire. He can outright charm or mentally dominate weaker beings, but finds this application of power to be severely distasteful. In addition, he has a limited ability to produce and manipulate flame, but uses this power very rarely.


    Kal's bloodline is a confluence of several different royal and aristocratic heritages, mingling together into a blended Slurpee of entitlement. His father, Eamon Blackthorne, came from an ancient lineage of dragon-blooded kings, defeated by an invading empire from across the sea and merged into their Imperial line. His mother, Evaine Prince, was the eldest daughter of an egregiously wealthy merchant lord with their own dark secret: an ancestral tryst with the powerful Arch-devil Morgana, the Queen of Succubi.

    In his youth Kal was part of an elite order of knights known as the Order of the Black Rose, and served at the pleasure of the younger son of the Emperor, both as a bodyguard and as a lover. Following a devastating coup instigated by Kal's own father, Kal spent some time as a sellsword before falling under the influences of the Nine Hells. Serving under Morgana's banner, Kal has fought demons and devils alike, in battles across various layers of the Abyss and also playing a pivotal role in the Archdevil's conquest of her neighboring Circle of Hell.

    In the Nexus, Kal's long-term goals aren't really clear. In the short term, however, he's been seemingly content to bounce between various evil-aligned organizations without much thought to loyalty or commitment, alternately seducing or pissing off basically everyone he meets along the way. Perhaps he's fulfilling some sort of elaborate diabolic master-plan. Perhaps he's just blowing off steam and being an idiot. Who knows? Probably not Kal.

    • Birthday: September 1
    • Consort of Lady Decker, Marchesa of War
    • Prince of the First and Second Circles of Hell
    • Former Knight of the Black Rose
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