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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human? Blue Dragon
    Age: 42
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class: Rogue

    Description: Other times, for formal occasions like blasting a city or attending a party while plotting a downfall, he wears a tenchcoat with a patten of flames that move.

    Personality: Gordon is a schemer and prefers plots over just starting something. However, get him worked up enough and he'll just start doing things which aren't good for his long-term health. He also hates wasting resources, so that limits him from schemes of pure destruction.

    Equipment: Shock Pistol, upgrade for rail gun, body armor under the coat. Often carries a number of revolers and knives. A grapple gun. Also has access to AMEN's armory, so weapons vary. A energy-resitant armor that can fit him as a human or a dragon.

    Abilities: Gordon has some skill in fighting dirty, exspecially with traps. He also has strong mental defenses, but relies on tech for that protection. He also has enough skill as a pilot to fly about anything. As a blue dragon, he has the power to change back and forth between his human form and his dragon form. He is also now immune to electric-based attacks and as a dragon mostly immune to the effects of lava. Can breath a bolt of lightning, and knows a number of different kinds of magics.

    Backstory: None of your business, except this part: Gordon came to AMEN in what was thought to be its last days. But he reformed AMEN around himself, and nows stands as its head, with all the menace to the rest of Nexus as that position gives him.
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