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    Default Re: [3.5] The Homebrew Spirit Shaman Handbook

    Character Themes

    Recluse: As your connection to the spirit world deepens, your disconnect with the physical world increases. Having removed yourself from society and sought the solitude of the forest, you spend most of your days immersed in the spirit world, conversing with your spirit guide and seeking knowledge and enlightenment from the spirits. You may feel easily threatened when someone intrudes on your solitude, you may welcome the opportunity to converse with a visitor or you may ignore him completely, wrapped up in things beyond his grasp.
    Build Suggestions: Your skill selection should emphasize knowledge skills and spellcraft while de-emphasizing social skills. Your feat selection should facilitate your interaction with the spirit world through metamagic (Transdimensional Spell, for example), expanded spell knowledge or enhancements to your spirit guide.

    “Only by eliminating social and physical distractions will you truly perceive the spirit of the world.”

    Tribal Shaman: You are a bulwark of your community; a religious figure, respected elder (even if you’re young) and valuable leader. Your tribe relies on you to protect them from evil spirits and bad luck while calling on you to contact the spirits of the ancestors for guidance and aid in times of great need. You feel a great attachment to the people of your village, taking up arms most often in their defense. Even if they don’t understand you or fear your abilities, you care deeply about their spiritual and physical well-being.
    Build Suggestions: Your spell selection would benefit from emphasizing buffing spells and other spells that help or protect your allies. You would also benefit from investing in diplomacy, as this skill will come in handy in resolving local disputes.

    “Spirits of our honored ancestors, protect your people.”

    Seer: Your ability to contact the spirit world gives you power and knowledge beyond the reach of normal mortals. You may act as a conduit between the spirits and the living. You may be entrusted with secrets only the spirits know. Often, you glimpse hints of the future in the spirit world and can use that knowledge to your benefit and the benefit of others. Or you can make them pay for your secrets, using your knowledge to acquire power in the mortal world as well.
    Build Suggestions: Your spell selection should emphasis divination spells and spells like Commune and Contact other Plane that allow you to speak with the spirits.

    “Care to know your fortune?”

    Witch Doctor: Access to temples and hospitals is difficult at best in the remote areas your tribe inhabits. Your people look to you for healing and comfort, believing strongly that you can use your powers to cure their spiritual imbalances or intercede with the spirits on their behalf.
    Build Suggestions: Your spell selection should emphasize healing spells, especially those that remove diseases or heal ability damage.

    “Yours is an affliction of the spirit. It will require strong magic to cure…”

    Reluctant Champion: The spirits have chosen you to perform an important task, assume a leadership role in your tribe or simply be their agent in the physical world. You never asked to be their representative and hearing their voices in your head scares you a little. Or more than a little. You wield spiritual powers but do so reluctantly and hesitantly, avoiding the close connection to the spirits that other spirit shamans feel. As much as you seek to deny it, however, you are tied to the spirit world by a power greater than yours.
    Build Suggestions: While this theme is expressed more in roleplay than in character build, you might reflect your reluctance by selecting feats and spells that are more physical and visceral than spiritual. Spells that deal damage or affect the terrain rather than buffs, heals or spirit-based divinations.

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