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    This is more of a Species Post.
    In progress.

    Race: Echoes.

    Echoes are creatures born of pent-up, repressed emotion; they are "born" by the "parent" puking up a mess of pure existential matter, which quickly forms into the Echo itself.
    The Echo takes on the general body shape of the parent; theoretically, a centaur would produce a centaur-shaped Echo.
    Each Echo is born knowing several things: its birth name, its parent's name, the circumstances leading to its birth, and the Iquaquan (Echo) language.
    They can reproduce normally amongst themselves or with other species.

    There are four main varieties of them.
    Spoiler: Fear Echoes
    Fear Echoes are, of course, born of fear. Generally lawful, they try to keep themselves and their surrounding under some sort of control.
    They tend to be born with primarily blue-green colors; large teal eyes and blue-green hair. Their fingertips are bluish.
    These fingertips allow them to, with skin contact, transfer and share emotions, thoughts, pain, etc.

    Spoiler: Misery Echoes
    Misery Echoes are born of deep suffering. On the law-chaos scale, they tend to be neutral.
    They tend to be born with primarily black and violet colors; large violet-dark eyes and black hair.
    Their forefingers contain venomous spurs.

    Spoiler: Rage Echoes
    Rage Echoes are born of pent-up anger and frustration. They are usually Chaotic, not wanting restraints or rules to hinder them.
    They tend to be born with primarily dark-red colors; large red eyes and crimson hair.
    Their fingers contain retractable talons.

    Spoiler: Mania Echoes
    Mania echoes are born of insane glee and agitation. They can range from Lawful to Chaotic; sometimes they want to fetter themselves with the comforting constraints of rules, while others want to do whatever they want at any time.
    Their colors are more along the yellow spectrum; neon-yellow eyes and dingy brown hair streaked with yellow. Their fingers contain barbs full of natural stimulant drugs with a short high period and a long, miserable crash period.
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