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    Revamped version MK II:
    Din Hylia

    Race/Species:Hyrulian (half elf)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Ranger
    Power Rating: D
    Description:long silver hair, silver eyes likes wearing green and brown clothes .
    Personality: Cold , determined
    Equipment:A elven composite longbow and a quiver with magic arrows, A Howling Banshee energy sword ,A ranger Laser sniper rifle, Light modern armour, several wands and magic scrolls.
    Abilities:can use a bow and sword quite well, has a small amount of nature and healing magic.
    Backstory:Din's story is a tragedy for most parts. a dead father at young age. slavery at the hands of the drow. the disappearance of the love of her life. Her fight against the cult of dalachrech . these are but a few of her hardships. they have left their mark on her. her life up till now has left her a shambling wreck, held only together by antidepressants, memory suppression, and the help of her friends. most recently, after a short time as a demi goddess (triggered by a death experience after being murdered by Ipholin) , she subcouncously released 6 aspects of herself on the world. having given up most of her powers,

    in the moths away from the nexus, Din has pushed away her angst and fears, and toughened up. Not able to function normally in society ,Din took up work as a bounty hunter staying clear of the nexus for the next 5 years of her life. she now returned (due to quantum only 5 months later) and is not sure she wants to confront her old life
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