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    Faction Profile: Evolution Industries (formerly Evolution Electronics and Power)


    Background: Long ago while the old GLoG base was intact, a certain psychic received six Zero-Point Modules from the Bushranger. These were powerful high-tech batteries, in a sense, capable of providing power for thousands of years, but with the capacity to destroy half of an Earth-sized planet if they overloaded. One went to power WATCHTOWER's airship, while one was often abused for firing gigantic lasers at targets DC really wanted eliminated. Eventually, DC got his hands on a temporary intelligence boost and modified one. This produced something called a Mass Acquisition and Conversion of Energy (MACE) Unit-modified ZPMs with far lower maximum energy capacity used to suck in ambient energies around them. In the Nexus, the sheer number of universes contributing to this produces a great amount (ambient magic and such things are great for that), allowing the unit to provide power essentially indefinitely without the problem of ZPM-style destruction. DC went to the Ostari to make a deal-to produce more of these units as power for Inside. From there, DC formed the company now known as Evolution Electronics and Power, which later took over the arms production role left empty by K-Corp and became known as Evolution Industries.

    Leader/CEO/Owner/Whatever: DC. He uses the alias of D. Halley for legal papers, but at this point it's pretty well-known that it's him.

    Headquarters: A tower-ish structure in Inside, by no means a skyscraper.

    Power Generation
    Class 1 MACE Unit: The basic version of the MACE unit, useful for powering small buildings, such as houses.

    Class 2 MACE Unit: A scaled-up version of the Class 1, needing a more dedicated installation. Useful for powering several small buildings, or a particularly large one.

    MACE Installation (Class 3 MACE Unit): A significant investment for all involved, these require construction at dedicated sites rather than normal production facilities. These could power a large section of Inside by themselves. None have been constructed as of this moment.

    Publicly Sold
    EvR-1 Variable Blaster Rifle: A rifle-type energy weapon, the Variable Blaster uses rechargeable and interchangeable power cells to function. The cells recharge (albeit very slowly, recharging them via an external source is much more functional) on their own thanks to technology borrowed from Evolution Industries' prior main product, the MACE units, and come in many different varieties, with different types of energy for different situations. The blaster fires energy bolts of different types, determines by the power cell used. The cells run out after thirty shots. The EvR-1 also has an adaptable frame, suitable for many attachments, such as scopes and laser sights.

    EvP-1 Variable Blaster Pistol: A pistol-size version of the Variable Blaster. Their power cells are smaller and run out after only 12 shots as compared to the EVR-1. They recharge similarly to the EvR-1's cells.

    EvM-1 Infernal Edge(s): Unusually for weapons (originally) designed for Imperial use, 'EvM-1' is the classification for a number of melee weapons. Outwardly, they have small buttons on the hilt or handle, and very dark black blades. The blades, thanks to the material they are constructed from, are very strong and sharp, and can stand much more heat than most metals. The button on the hilt, thus, is actually the on/off switch for another function. The weapons can be superheated to give significant extra power. These come in many forms, all bladed melee weapons. Note: Only knife/dagger type versions of these are available for civilian purchase.

    EvA-1 Light Armor: A lighter armor type originally meant for Imperial Army scouts, it offers little protection against stronger attacks and is designed with maximum mobility in mind. The EvA-1 armor comes with a full helmet with a number of scanning features, including x-ray, infrared, night vision, and magic-detecting settings.

    EvA-2b Work Suit: A variant of the EvA-2 power armor (see Reserved), the EvA-2b work suit is a stripped down version of it, sacrificing its armor for a greater focus on strength amplification. It's useful for moving heavy loads and the like.

    EvA-4b Enviro-Suit (see Reserved): An EvA-4 armor variant stripped of its armor and stealth functions and made to focus more on protecting from environmental hazards. It protects from extreme heat, cold, acid, and the like, and even protects against vacuum...unless it's punctured or its stored air runs out, that is.

    EvR-2 Sapper Rifle: Outwardly, this weapon looks like a somewhat large and bulky assault rifle. The EvR-2 is much more specialized than the EvR-1, there being no spots suitable for attachments other than one for a simple scope. Under the barrel, where a grenade launcher attachment might go, is an odd detail, looking strangely similar to a laser beam emitter with a trigger of its own. On one side, where a laser sight might be, is a peculiar protrusion, a red power gauge shown on it. The under-barrel attachment is an energy sapper sub-weapon based on MACE technology that drains excess energies from whatever it's used on into the rifle, the power building up as displayed on the power gauge. The power is then channeled into the weapon's ammunition. When fired, energized ammunition will be surrounded by intense, searing-hot energy, giving the weapon extra power.

    EvR-3 Repeater Blaster: A large rifle-type weapon, it resembles a larger EvR-1 in appearance. It's essentially a more rapid-fire focused version of the original model and is something of a cross between the EvR-1 and EvHW-1 in function. It retains the EvR-1's variable power cell capabilities, however, and its larger power cells run out after sixty shots.

    EvR-4 Beam Rifle: This weapon is a favorite of Evolution's head, and is certainly an odd one. It fires small but deadly sustained beams that can last for several seconds before the weapon has to stop firing, or it can be stopped by simply releasing the trigger. It's useful for sweeping through multiple targets. Its large (for a weapon of its size) power cells recharge at a decent rate, though constant use of sustained beams will drain them faster than they can recharge. This version of the weapon does not have DC's version's variability.

    EvP-2 Beam Pistol: A pistol version of the EvR-4, its beams lose much of the larger version's sustainability and can only last two to three seconds before stopping. Its recharging capability is also lessened, so using even this level of sustained-beam fire constantly will drain it quickly, as with the EvR-4's sustained-beam fire.

    EvSR-1 Laser Sniper Rifle: A large, precise laser rifle used for sniping. It features a long-range scope and its lasers are extremely accurate. Its laser fire is also powerful enough to punch through light armor.

    EvAT-1 Precision Laser Cannon: An extremely powerful and accurate man-portable anti-tank laser cannon, somewhat similar in appearance to a rocket launcher. It has a long-range scope mounted on one side, and a faint silvery glow is visible in stripes running down part of the length of the weapon at the very back of it. Were you to look into the weapon's barrel, you would see a number of focusing lenses in front of a brightly glowing silver device that powers the weapon.

    EvAT-2 Beam Cannon: A bulkier EvAT-1 in outer appearance, this weapon has a larger power core but a slightly less intense initial blast, and lacks a scope. Its strength is in the intense beam it fires being able to maintain itself for a murderous sweep through masses of enemies, or multiple lighter vehicles.

    EvHW-1 Assault Blaster: This weapon is what happens when you take a variable blaster, remove the variability, put it in a much larger, heavier frame, and give it significantly more rapid-fire capability. It's a very brutal weapon, spewing searing energy at a very high rate. It's similar to the EvAT-1 in appearance, only bulkier, lacking a scope, and the barrel is divided into a number of sub-barrels to allow more shots to be fired at once. This weapon is very simply designed to cut down huge numbers of infantry, and can fire for a long time before having to stop.

    EvA-2 Power Armor: A medium armor variant, this armor features some strength amplification and offers good protection from many attacks, especially small arms. The helmet features are lesser compared to the EvA-1's, however, with only infrared and night vision settings.

    EvA-4 Spec Ops Stealth Armor: This armor type is suited for special forces, and is fully sealed with some life support capabilities for extreme environments. It has a built-in cloaking device and its helmet comes with EvA-1-level scanners. It's midway in protectiveness between the EvA-1 and EvA-2.

    Power Rates: Evolution charges very low rates for use of MACE units to supply power. This is due to the extreme ease of power output by MACE units-near no maintenance, and no ongoing fuel costs, for two examples. These rates will likely undercut most anything normal.

    Note on Rechargeables: EI power technology will not recharge properly outside the Nexus, thanks to its odd nature. Weapons and the like can still be manually recharged, but MACE units will become completely useless.

    Evolution Security: The company handles its own security with armed guards. Evolution Security has access to all EI products, but usually only appears using publicly available gear.
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