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    Cornelius Blanc

    Race: Purple Dragon
    Age: He looks late thirties/early forties
    Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Evil
    Class: Warlock/Knowledge-Seeker
    Power Level: C-/C
    A man who looks to be in his middle ages. His height is slightly above average, and he is rather thin. His black hair is braided into cornrows and is graying slightly. He has dark skin, suggesting African descent. He wears Glacier-style sunglasses and modest clothing. His body bears many scars, but the most noticeable thing about him is the dragon tattoo on his right cheek, that probably extends down his entire back. He has brown eyes.

    Important Equipment:
    His journal, which contains more amounts of recorded knowledge than any other book. A Rubber-Ducky that is indestructible, and can transform into an elemental. Thirdly, his sunglasses, capable of redirecting his magical energies into controlled forms. Lastly, a plastic magic-wand.
    Among other abilities, Cornelius is able to control the spectrum of shadow, and has majic that varies from conjuration to enchantment., due to magic ability. Able to create balls, blades, and cones of pure energy, and launch them, wield them, and...cone them. He is also an adept swordsman and martial artist, but not, say, godly.
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