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    Alias: John Patrick O'Connell
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human Metahuman/Ghost Hybrid
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Affiliation: HALO
    Age: Relativistic
    Class (or approximation): Ghost hybrid; Dashing Knight; Dirty-minded Gentleman
    Profession: Adventurer; Captain (reserve), Earth Alliance
    Power Level: A+/bottom S.
    Tall and well-built, can change his clothes at will but usually is in either a black-and-white super-suit or a gray t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers (gray socks!). White hair, slightly glowing green eyes, and a noticably low body temperature. Bleeds green ectoplasm.
    Personality: Gentlemanly; forgiving; caring; hot-headed.
    Abilities: Ectoblasts, shielding, teleportation, reality-shattering, the works. 9th level spells at epic caster level, too. And all sort of techno-gizmos. Don't make him angry. You won't *like* him when he's angry...
    Backstory: Lost his first love (the drowess Cal'drin) when he got his ghost powers (a wizardsorcerer did it). Went mad. Blew up a planet (among other things). Recovered. Spent time as an officer in the Earth Alliance (Babylon 5 universe). Hopped dimensions for awhile. Wound up in HALO. Crushed on Da Rogue. Crushed on Sorcy. Crushed (a little) on Tialait. Found his soulmate in De. Had his heart broken by her. Went walkabout. Returned. Finally pulled the curtain(!) a few times. Is crushed on my Angela, has a odd thing with Sam Goswell - and is the father of her son, Theo. Fell in love with Marle, and married her, only to have her slip into NPCdom/permadeadtime...
    Status: Semi-active.
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