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    Erin Patricia O'Connell (I)
    (Not to be confused with Erin (II), Aeryn, or Arina, all of whom are really the same person as her. Yes, you will need a scorecard.)

    Theme song: "Flirtin' With Disaster"

    Alias: Acro-Erin
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human Metahuman/Ghost Hybrid
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Affiliation: HALO
    Age: 5 years (post-cloning; relativiistic)
    Class (or approximation): Ghost hybrid; Rogue
    Profession: Arms dealer. Adventurer and VERY Naughty Girl
    Power Level: B+
    Description:(NOTE: She has blue eyes. Tekteks are being fixed - slowly.)
    Dressed as Sept:
    Tall and curvaceous, can change her clothes at will a khaki t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers (gray socks!). at all...
    White hair, slightly glowing green eyes, and a noticably low body temperature. Bleeds green ectoplasm.
    Personality: Hot-headed, impulsive, extroverted, caring, submissive.
    Abilities: Ectoblasts, shielding, teleportation, etc. High level spells, too.
    Backstory: BR's clone. Not the same person as Town-Erin. Was married to Mike, and has a child from the future, Patricia, who came back in time. And Patty has a bratty brother from the future too who never got off the ground before Kyr vanished :(. Adopted May, and then went though hard times when she cheated, May was killed, etc. Went walkabout. Came back, got a conditional perma-deadtime divorce, and is currently involved with Angela (but also crushes on Tobias...). Owns Erin's Emporium, a arms dealer, Inside, but leaves Crissy to run the place nowadays (). OWNED EE, but with Mike's return faced a distinct dilemma, still loving him but also loving Angela and refusing to break either's heart. Therefore, she fished the Dup-o-Matic out of storage, and zapped herself with it. The split was even, but the personalities...well, this Erin, staying at HALO and with Angela (...and Tobias...) is rather more, shall we say, free-spirited, and has decided to let the 'other Erin', now Aeryn, take over the Emporium...
    Status: Active

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