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    Quinn Druid

    Theme Song: "Mission of Love"

    Alias: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human (we presume)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Affiliation: Neirian; GLoG.
    Age: 27-ish
    Class (or approximation): Psion (Telepath)/Shadowmind/Human Paragon/Paladin of Freedom/Champion of Neirian
    Profession: Champion of Neirian. Head of Pastoral Care at GLoG. Possible member of the GLoG Triumvirate.
    Power Level: C+ to A- depending on how much power Neirian is channeling through her Champion.
    Personality: Caring. Hot-headed. Scatterbrained. Accident-prone. Happy.
    Abilities: Many and varied depending on PLAWT.
    Backstory: She grew up in Enupion Town. Crushed on Jamie (Jacklu's character) there.. May have been...involved...with Melantha (alternate self??). Status during aging between teenage years there and arrival in ACRO unknown. Nearly died fighting Shephard's Apocalypse, saved by Susan. Joined GLoG, and sees herself as Toby's Guardian Angel. Engaged to marry him and they have a daughter together, plus two foxchildren adopted by Toby.
    Status: Active
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