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    These spirits come from the same dimension as Zel, Merna, Zaydon, Silva, Zavi, and Ivaz. They are essentially elementals, and they are usually seen in human form. As of right now, they do not possess physical bodies, and are kind of stuck in the streets near where Zaydon died.

    Not sure if they would fall under the race category, as there are only ten of them.

    The Base Spirits


    The Time spirit.

    Aion is just under seven feet tall. Her hair is a silvery blue color, and worn in dreadlocks. Her eyes are constantly changing color. She has a very feminine build. She wears a long sleeve shirt and full length skirt, both having a baby blue and silver pattern on them, which is also constantly changing.

    She gives off a gentle feeling. She has a mellow personality, not quick to act. There is almost a motherly feel about her.


    The Kinetic spirit.

    Eram stands about seven feet tall. He has a slightly stocky build to him, with a kind of wise-guy look on his face. He has straight black hair, slightly long. His eyes are silver, and always darting around. He wears a dark blue and purple leather jacket, zipped up, with a lot of metal rings and chains on it. His hands have large, black leather gloves. He has formal looking pants, which have a swirling blue and purple pattern on them. He is constantly twitching.

    He can be a smart-ass at times. He is good natured, though. He doesn't like to spend time thinking on things. He'd rather just do it and see what happens.


    The Water spirit.

    Kelnon is about six and a half feet tall. He has a sickly look about him; very slender. His face is sunken in, and his skin has a slightly greenish tint to it. His eyes are bluish gray. He wears grayish long sleeve shirt and pants, both with a water pattern on them.

    He has a somewhat reserved personality. He is usually quiet, and mostly just listens in discussions.


    The Light spirit.

    Kremna is a little over seven feet tall. He has an almost angelic look about him. His hair is short and whitish blond. His eyes are pure white. He wears a long T-shirt, which goes almost to his knees, along with white pants.

    If Aion could be described as motherly, then Kremna would be fatherly. He is very gentle, and seems to make those near him feel a little better.


    The Fire spirit.

    Medric is almost eight feet tall. He has a handsome face, with silverish eyes and sleek black hair that goes just below his shoulders. He has a heavy, muscular build to him. He wears a dark yellow shirt with dark blue pants. Over this, he has a black cloak which has a flame pattern on it.

    Medric is calm and collected most of the time. He can get passionate about certain things, and then it can be hard to calm him.


    The Life spirit.

    Palta is about six and a half feet tall. Like Kremna, she looks angelic. She has a long white ponytail, with white eyes. They have no visible pupil or anything. Just white, with a kind of glow to them. She has a very feminine build. Her clothing consists of a long gold an white ribbon that flows around her.

    Palta is usually quiet. She is extremely caring. She can be a little naive at times.

    The Shadow spirit.

    Rasslin is a little over six feet tall. Her hair is flat black; there is no shine to it. It is long and hangs down, well past her shoulders. She has a slightly athletic build to her, and her face has an almost condescending look on it. Her eyes, like her hair, are black without any shine to them. She wears a pitch black trenchcoat over a black shirt and cargo pants. The trenchcoat has no collar and no buttons, and seems to be made of a thin cloth. It's lower edges are worn and frayed.

    Rasslin, like Eram, can be quick-witted. She likes to have fun. When she does get serious about something, she dedicates herself to it.

    The Earth spirit.

    Shaydon is just over six feet tall, making her the shortest of the group. She has a cute face with short brown hair and glossy green eyes. Over her athletic build she wears a gray t-shirt with a green collar, a sleeveless leather vest that has a black and brown pattern on it, and brown cargo pants.

    Shaydon is easy going and caring. She can be stubborn, though.

    The Wind spirit.

    Xerlic is seven and a half feet tall. He has long, pale blond hair and pale gray eyes. He has an average build, with some minor muscle tone. He wears a pale gray tunic, which has a pattern of varying shades of gray.

    Xerlic likes to be around people, moving from one crowd to the next. He is easy going, and can change subjects fairly easily.

    The Lightning spirit.

    Ysta is seven feet tall. He has frizzy brown hair that points up, and he has wide yellow eyes. He has an average build. He wears a long sleeve white shirt that has a yellow design on it. He has loose fitting, black cloth pants held up by a black leather belt that has a gold buckle.

    Ysta does everything fast, including talking. He grins a lot, and likes attention.
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