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    My backpack is fun. Wanna see?

    Name: Peter Kreyburn
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Good (Other personality is Chaotic evil)
    Age: 25
    Hair: Cut short, dark brown
    Eyes: Pale green

    He's about 5'9" tall. He has a kind face, and a kind of small build. Doesn't look like he could fight much. His clothing is as follows:

    Black work boots. Steel toe.
    Blue jeans.
    Black t-shirt
    Jean jacket

    He also wears a kinda strange looking metal backpack. And he never removes it. Ever.

    His backpack.

    It is a very highly advanced piece of technology. Up to four limbs can come out of it at his mere thought. Two are modified to mainly serve as feet, while the other two are mainly used for attack. The backpack is also used for storage for many items.

    The feet have claws on them that are able to grip into walls. He can grab things with them, too.

    The weapons he can use are as follow:

    Assault rifle
    Grenade launcher
    Small energy cannon
    Small energy shield

    Kind of shy. Doesn't talk much. Once he warms up to you, he is really friendly. Very loyal to his friends and to what he believes is right. On these subjects, he is quick to anger and violence.

    Alcohol makes him slightly depressive. When he's had too much, he starts thinking about his past and getting all sad.

    Once in a while, he shows his other personality. This one comes from the backpack itself. This personality is evil. It will try to cause as much harm as it can before Peter is able to take control back. When his evil personality kicks in, he speaks in this color.

    The evil side hasn't shown up recently. Whether it's actually gone or not remains to be seen.

    (This part is not complete yet.)
    He had found the backpack about five years ago. When he first put it on, it fused with his spine. This allows his control over it, but it also prevents the backpack from being removed.

    He doesn't really know where the backpack came from. The only clue he has is a logo for Toper Laboratories.

    At first, it was cool. He had robotic arms now. But, about a week after it happened, the other personality revealed itself for the first time...

    When Peter woke up in the morning, both of his parents were dead. And his footprints were in the blood.

    Since then, he's been on the run from city to city. Every time the other personality shows, he has to leave. There haven't been many witnesses, but every time there are, cops are trying to find him.

    Current Status:
    The other side of Peter's backpack hasn't sufaced at all recently.

    Peter no longer stutters.

    Peter is married to Abigale, and the two have several adopted children.

    Abigale recently had a child. Yay!

    Peter as done by Jjkaybomb
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