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    Name: Zavi and Ivaz
    Race: Human
    Age: 30
    Hair: (Zavi) Black, hangs straight down, just past her shoulders. (Ivaz) Blond to the point of almost being white, cut very short
    Eyes: (Zavi) Brown (Ivaz) Lighter brown, almost hazel

    Zavi -- Ivaz
    Zavi is slightly lanky; tall with a lean build. The fact that she tends to wear a black duster doesn't help. Besides the duster, she wear hiking boots, dark jeans, and a black long sleeve shirt. When her arms are exposed, it's easy to see that she works out.

    Her eyes make her look like she's analyzing everything. Which she is. She doesn't wear any makeup. Her face is kind of pointed, slightly giving the impression of a hawk.

    Ivaz is very different. She's about the same height as Zavi, but she has a full figure. She wears black leather boots that go halfway up her calves, fishnet stockings, a plaid miniskirt, and a white button-down shirt, with only one button done. The one right between her breasts. She also wears black half gloves.

    Ivaz has a brighter face, and she's usually smiling. However, it isn't a friendly smile, so much as a demented one.

    Zavi carries a pair of Desert Eagles. She is extremely talented with them. She won several sniping competitions in her time with the Kuroko, just using those.

    Ivaz uses several different weapons, most of which she doesn't carry. She has a huge store of weapons in a hidden location.. When getting ready for battle, she simply reaches into a shadow and pulls out a weapon. What she uses can range from a dagger to a poleax to an RPG. And she is fairly skilled at all of them.

    Recently, Ivaz gained a unique pair of small SMGs. They can fire bursts of lightning rapidly, but they need to recharge if fired for too long. They can also be charged up and overloaded, causing a fiery burst at the end of the barrel. This burst also creates a powerful illusion spell that causes terrifying images to burn into the target's retinas.

    The guns can also talk. Their attitudes are a bit uptight and fairly cruel. They enjoy playing mind games. The one on her right speaks with a male voice and is named Epet. The one on her left has a female voice and is named Calypso.

    Zavi is often cold to people. She has absolutely no qualms about taking lives. At all. She prefers being left alone, unless she wants something.

    Ivaz seems to be happy all the time. She is very sadistic, and loves toying with people. She'd rather not kill, simply because she can have more fun torturing.

    Both women are Shadow Bases. They can move shadows a little, but their main ability is to be able to move from one shadow to another.

    Zavi and Ivaz are twins. Their parents were both Life Bases, and they took that a little further than most. They figured out how to connect two people's life forces. They used it on themselves, and their twin daughters. Which meant that if one died, so would the other. They hoped this would help bring the sisters closer together as they grew up.

    But, things didn't work out that way.

    Ivaz was sadistic from the time she knew how to be. Once she figured out that Zavi could feel what she felt, she would randomly hurt herself, just so Zavi would hurt, too. This drove Zavi nuts. She starting hating Ivaz, and her parents for doing this to them.

    When the twins were twelve, their parents signed them up for the Kuroko. The Kuroko is a group who trains and uses mercenaries and assassins. Those remain the top jobs around.

    The Kuroko noticed that sadistic tendencies of Ivaz. And they noticed how Zavi had developed the ability to simply drown her surroundings out. They saw the potential of the twins.

    When they were sixteen, Zavi had enough. She no longer felt the need to be under the control of the Kuroko. So, she left. And, for good measure, she gave away valuable information about the Kuroko. That got them mad.

    Zavi's parents tried to get her to go back and apologize to the Kuroko. Zavi couldn't understand their reasoning, and still hated them for the spirit bonding stuff. She ended up killing them both. Then she took off to survive on her own.

    Meanwhile, Ivaz stayed with the Kuroko and flourished. She rose to take one of the top spots of the intelligence department. She was in charge of gathering info from any prisoners they took. She always got results, and they never questioned her as to how she did it.

    Other Stuff:
    A drawing of Ivaz I did, with her favorite weapon.

    A version drawn by Crocface on Deviant Art, colored by me.


    And a version of her provided by Darklord Bright.

    Also, her theme song.
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