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    Zaydon is now dead. He will be referenced fairly often in the near future, so I'm keeping his post up.

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    Name: Zaydon Hau
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Age: 28
    Weight: 210 lbs.
    Hair: Brown, fluffed out
    Eyes: Brown, yellow when enraged

    He is very tall and skinny, standing at about 6' 3". His hair looks like he was hit by lightning. Tends to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts, to make it easier to hide his knives. He wears very large hiking boots. He has two different gloves on. His right hand is covered by a very large leather work glove. This gives him a better grip on his sword. His left hand is covered by a thin 3/4 length glove. This gives him extra grip on his palm, but still allows him to use his fingertips when necessary.

    A set of throwing knives that seems to never run out, and are specially designed, a large pocket knife, and a broadsword with a lightning spirit trapped within.

    The trowing knives are hidden everywhere, so he can throw them from any position. He is extremely fast at the knives, able to throw them before most people will even notice he moved.

    The sword sort of resembles a cross between a broadsword and a buster sword. The longer edge is serrated.

    He doesn't have a sheath for the sword. Instead, he has a metal plate strapped to his back, and he magnetically attaches the sword to it.

    He is the type of guy that loves to take charge of anything. He laughs easy and is a prankster. He is a loud talker. Likes showing off. He has a very high tolerance for poison, and he heals very quickly. He people skills are not that great, but he is always ready to talk to someone new.

    He is lightning base, giving him many electric and magnetic abilities.

    The sword is an item that he obtained from his father, before he started his life of crime. It is the only thing he has of his father's.

    The sword was the former resting place of the Lightning Base Spirit, Ysta.

    Having traveled a lot, and having been shunned almost as much, he spent much of his time in the wilderness. As such, he is well learned in the ways of wilderness survival. He also has pretty good knowledge of herbs and such.

    At first, Zaydon had a nice, quiet life. Till he was 14. That's when something changed in his father. He started murdering and stealing for money. Of course, Zaydon had no knowledge of this. After awhile, his mother discovered it though.

    One night, she confronted his father about it. Zaydon never heard from her again. He doesn't know what happened. He just remembers walking into the kitchen and finding her medallion on the table, it's chain broken.

    He left home then, doing odd jobs along the way. He picked up on sevral fighting techniques, including knife usage.

    Unknown to him, Zaydon is a direct descendant of Pryce the Archangel.

    Opie is a blue ferret that is now Zaydon's pet. He is intelligent, but he can't speak. At least, he can't speak common. Anybody who can communicate with animals or telepathically would be able to talk with him. Otherwise, he just squeaks. He will talk in this color, since he's a blue ferret.

    Opie is very hyper and curious. When bored, he will run around. A lot. He doesn't do any fighting, except maybe some defensive biting.

    He is pretty in tune with how people are feeling, and will snuggle anyone who's sad.

    Zaydon got him from Kigg.

    The Spirits:
    At this point in time, the ten Base Spirits are bound to Zaydon. He can telepathically communicate with them, and they can communicate with anybody else that possesses telepathic abilities.

    Having all ten of the Spirits, Zaydon is able to use abilities from all ten Bases.

    The spirits can take control of Zaydon if they wish. However, this only last for a short while. Then Zaydon passes out.

    Zaydon currently works for the police force of Town.

    Zaydon has built himself a cabin in the woods, not far from the edge of Town.

    Other Stuff.

    Here's some sketches of Zaydon's stuff: his gloves, his knives, the medallion he wears, and the shoulder brace/harness.

    This is a version drawn by Vulion, who is one these forums. I must say, pure awesomeness.
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