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    ...and how is that helping me?

    Name: The Demon Queen of Moving All Through the Outreaching of Her Will (Demon Queen for short)
    Former Name: Zel
    Race: Human, Abyssal Exalted, also has a demon trapped inside her
    Alignment: Neutral
    Age: 23
    Base: Kinetic

    Zel stands at 5'5". She has short white hair that is swept back. Her skin is slightly pale. She has a slightly rounded face and red eyes. She usually has a smirk, and usually has a looks that says she thinks she's better than you. She has an athletic build. She wears black hiking shoes, dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt, black leather half-gloves, and a black leather jacket. She has a white belt that hangs from only one loop on her jeans. Her wrists have a couple of large bracelets on them.

    The front of her jacket has four pockets, and there are two more on her shoulders. Her pants also have a similar pocket on each side. The pockets have a snap-shut flap on them, which has a small chain going from the flap back to the jacket/pants. On the back of her jacket, three straps with snaps hold her main weapon in place, a large bladed ring.

    In the middle of her chest there is an onyx stone with a red swirl on it. This comes from a cursed necklace she came across, which turned her into a demon. She wasn't able to get the curse fully removed, and the stone of the necklace is fused with her chest.

    Recently, Zel became an Abyssal Exalted. Among other things, her physical appearance has changed. Her once gray eyes are now red, and the formerly white swirl on the onyx stone has also become red. Also, the symbol for Abyssal Exalted will appear on her forehead at times, usually bleeding. The symbol is a black sunburst,

    A version of her by Miss Nobody, who is awesomeness.

    Bigger version of the stick avatar.

    With Zel being Kinetic Base, her weapons are ranged, and she does not touch them.

    The pockets on her jacket contain steel sphere the size of marbles. She uses her abilities to send the spheres flying at her targets.

    Her main weapon is a bladed ring about the size of a steering wheel, which is held on the back of her jacket. She also uses her abilities to wield this.

    She recently purchased a belt of throwing knives, which she wears opposite her normal belt, so they form an x.

    Zel is kind of laid back. She can be a tease when she wants. She likes messing with people.

    She can be quick to violence. Part of that is because of her past.

    She is Kinetic Base, with Kinetic being short for telekinetic. How well she can move things depends on a lot of stuff, like how much matter she's moving, speed, how much energy she has left, if anything else is distracting her, etc.

    She uses her abilities both offensively and defensively.

    She is also fairly well fit, physically. She can easily hold her own in a fist fight.

    Because of the stone still fused to her chest, Zel can sometimes go into demon form. She has no control over the change, which seems to be triggered by fear and anger. Her demonic form resembles a dragon-jungle cat hybrid, complete with scales, wings, and claws. Her head remains mostly human, but covered in scales. The scales look like black leather. In her demon form, her weapons are a part of her. They are able to be pulled from her and used, then put back into her. She cannot speak in demon form.

    With her recent Exaltation, Zel has gained more abilities. Her Kinetic abilities have definitely strengthened, as have her physical attributes. Yet, these come with a price. She has a growing disliking of anything living, preferring to spend most of her time in the Misspelled Cemetary now. She gets these strong urges to kill, which she funnels into killing any thugs she finds in the slums. And when she has killed, she can't help herself. She has to drink some of the blood.

    Currently being told in the Stories thread.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

    [Current Events]
    Between the demon stone and the Exaltation, Zel knows that she is in danger of losing herself. She still tries to keep control. She hasn't had the demon take over in a while. Not since her Exaltation, at least. And the killing urges she gets have been directed into a more constructive use. Cleaning up the slums.

    But she feels the influence of each getting stronger, warring with each other. She knows it's only a matter of time before one wins. And she's scared of that. Terrified. She'll do whatever it takes to stay alive, and in control.

    Random Info:
    Zel loves tacos.

    She hates cheesy pickup lines.

    She is bisexual.

    She once used her abilities to fight a guy wielding a sword. All she used was her fists. She won.
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