Jack AL'Athor

Race: Human/Celestial

Class: Farmer, oh yes indeed...

Appearance: Nothing too spectacular, just a simple young boy only about 19 or 20 Brown hair, stocky build (from all that plowing) green eyes slightly tan skin, and just some normal clothes. As said nothing too special simple threads.

Equipment: Simple traveling goods, a decent wallet from selling crops... Never got a chance to give that money back home...

Backstory: Jack was a simple farmer with a father with a pretty shady backround, never meant anything to the woman he fell in love with, eventually they settled down into a farm and had Jack and his older sister Serenity. As it turns out Jack's father was a celestial, and passed it on to Jack, whether it passed on to Serenity as well Jack will never know. Eventually one day bandits had attacked his home town and killed his mother and everyone there his father and Serenity were MIA. Jack was not there at the time, after running into some bandits on the way home and after being put into extreme emotional trauma had figured out he was celestial. He returned to Town nowhere else to go and no longer can do anything about what happened.

Jaya Balleron

Race: Drow (Dark Elf)

Class: Ranger


Equipment: Traveling gear, magical bow, plently of arrows, a longsword, two daggers and several throwing daggers.

Backround: Jaya used to live in the underdark with her family, she had lived as a simple peasant until her parents were tried for treason against the Drow government when all they really did was be out in the streets at the wrong time and saw the wrong things. They were executed and sacrificed to the drow god Lolth. Fearing for her life and harboring resentment for the Drow people flees into the underdark. Eventually she escapes the underdark t the surface. Suffice to say she becomes a Ranger and goes around stabbing people who mess with nature.

Ravik Zarcoth

Race: Demon

Class: ...I don't know, fighter?

Appearance: The 6' 3" tall demons keeps the relative look of a human. At first glance he may resemble a large human with brown hair and dark skin. It stops right about there, his skin has a reddish tint and his eyes are very red. Anyone with half a brain can tell he's a demon. Unless they don't really know what a demon is, but that's a different story all together.

Equipment: He keeps his own traveling gear with him. His normal clothes consist of a sturdy trenchcoat with a pair of brown pants that were made for travel not style. He keeps a simple mahogany shirt underneath his coat. His armnants include a demonic greatsword he wears along his back, a demonic dagger and a silver dagger. He always has a journal with him to include the documentation of his life as far as he knows.

Backstory: After death in his original life (of which Ravik has no recollection of) his soul was captured by the necromancers of Zarcoth who conscripted him into service for his demonic army. Simple to say it ended with him having a change of heart for what he was doing and defected the army and went away and decided to go around smacking around evil people who are jerks to the innocent and defenseless, while running from people who want to get him. That includes various churches, towns and Zarcoth.

More to come later...