Very nice.
I like alot this class, i played with a kobold spirit shaman once and loved the character.. but because background and plot i had to let him go and changed character =(
Nice boosts for the class and the new prestige and options for it. Makes me want to play another spirit shaman =)

By the way ... i'm adapting a class from an MMORPG named Guild Wars for D&D 3.5, wich is the Ritualist. Its similar to Spirit Shaman in some ways.. diferent in others, but is the one to deal with spirits. The base class i finished adapting, but still need to adapt the spells. its like +- 100 ones, will take some time.
But the class have some interesting things, like spells that summons bundle itens : ashes from long ago dead individuals, famous ones. Each one gives different bonuses while u hold them, or drop them.
Weapom spells, binding rituals, restoration spells and channeling spells. In the game, its a class i love, so i decided to bring it to D&D.
When i finish ill post and tell u, if interested.