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    Default Paladin Academy: A Playground Inspired Story

    Welcome to this playground inspired story. The ongoing storyline is unique, however the characters are named after fellow playgrounders themselves. If you are new at reading this and would like to join the cast, simply let me know by posting down below. Otherwise, please enjoy reading:

    Paladin Academy

    Table of contents:

    Chapter 1
    Part 1- The Call
    Part 2- A Paladin's Crystal
    Part 3- Morning Ritual
    Part 4- A Wizard Did It
    Part 5- Perfection
    Part 6- Penny's Partner
    Part 7- A Group Of Three
    Part 8- The First Test
    Part 9- Assassin Creed
    Part 10- Recounting The Day
    Part 11- Recieving The Crystal
    Part 12- The Curse Of The Crystal
    Part 13- Penny's First Jump
    Part 14- Secret Power
    Part 15- Unique
    Part 16- Assassin's Pin
    Part 17- Unexpected Visitor
    Part 18- Shade of Destruction
    Part 19- Twilight Clash
    Part 20- A Song in the Dark
    Part 21- The Barrier Broken
    Part 22- The Darkness Lifted
    Part 23- Lix's Crush
    Part 24- A Grim Setting
    Part 25- Viola's Decision
    Part 26- Kurama's Fear
    Part 27- Gearing Up
    Part 28- Journey Into The Abyss
    Part 29- Trapped!
    Part 30- A Hellish Story
    Part 31- Kurama's Duties
    Part 32- Icy Determination
    Part 33
    Part 34
    Part 35
    Part 36
    Part 37
    Part 38
    Part 39
    Part 40
    Part 41
    Part 42
    Part 43
    Part 44
    Part 45
    Part 46
    Part 47
    Part 48

    Chapter 2

    Paladin Academy TvTropes Page

    Comments and critiques are appreciated.

    Minor note: If you want to appear in the story, just post saying you want in. I'll put you in somehow or another. I won't turn anyone away. Additionally, you must let me know what sort of paladin crystal power you want to have. Also, give 4 back-up powers as well. I got this story planned out quite far and I need to have some things to fall back on. Also, if your account name is something that sounds like a fancy commercial product (Which is very likely) or some long or weird name, could you please come up with a nickname version that sounds like it could be a real name. I'd like to keep this story as real sounding as possible and the first way to do that is to start with everyone's names.

    However, you're not limited to only being a paladin. If you want to be someone else, I have an entire list of non-paladin positions that need to be filled up.

    List of Cast: Name / Character's Name
    Je Dit Viola / Viola (P)
    Mordokai / Mordokai (P)
    Grim Ranger / Grim (B)
    Lil Shiro / Kurama (P)
    Penny67/ Penny (P)
    Blue Ghost / Blue (G)
    RabbitHoleLost / Rabbit (P)
    Bisected8 / Bis (P)
    Recaiden / Recaiden (B)
    Saint Nil / Nil (P)
    Lix Lorn / Lix (P)
    Mangosta71 / Mangosta (B)
    Traker / (Still needs nickname) (P)
    CoffeeIncluded / (Still needs nickname) (?)
    billtodamax / Bill (E)
    Grimlock / Lock (V)
    Arq Kujos / Kujos (P)
    ThePhantom / (Still needs nickname) (?)
    DMofDarkness / Darkin (H)
    PersonMan / Scarge (V)
    licoot / Licoot (P)
    Ajadea / Ajadea (P)
    Lord Raziere / Razz (?)
    Partysan / Ysan (P)
    Raz Fox / The Vulpine aka Raz the Fox (H)
    smuchmuch / (Still needs nickname) (?)
    super dark33 / (Sarudark) (V)
    Ranger Mattos / Mattos (H)
    Maxios / Maxis (E)

    *(If anything is wrong or missing, please inform me. Thank you)*

    Another minor note: If you see any errors in the stories such as spelling mistakes or grammer, please point them out to me with how to correct them. It would make the stories better for new readers. Thank you.

    Also, helping me think up titles for each parts would be appreciated as well.
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