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    Paladin Academy: Part 11

    Viola walked behind Kurama as they headed down to the changing room. She tried to grasp everything that happened that day, but it would make her head spin. She resolved to instead talk to Kurama as they walked.
    "Ummm... So who was that other Paladin? Nil was his name right?"

    Kurama joined in with too much eagerness in his voice. Apparently, he wanted to get his mind off the days events as much as Viola.
    "His name is Nil. Apparently, he was one of the first paladin's that Mordokai managed to bring here. He's quite adept at everything that Mordokai is. In fact, there are rumors that he will be the next paladin to 'unlock' his crystal."

    Viola looked at Kurama confused.

    "Oh sorry. That's what we call it when the crystal has achieved it's ultimate potential. I don't know why we called it that though."

    "Oh, okay."
    She looks away for a little bit, then turns back to Kurama.
    "So, what power does Nil have?"

    "Well, he calls it the 'Power of the heart'."

    Viola raises an eyebrow to this.
    "What? He makes people fall in love?"

    Kurama shakes his head.
    "No, no. Nothing romantic like that. He instead has a soothing power over emotions by bringing peace and calm to those around him. Lately, he has also been able to heal wounds of people. But that takes more out of him."

    Viola thought back to every time Nil had placed a hand on her shoulder, the panicked feeling would ebb away.
    "So he was calming me down, right?"

    "Yeah. It was a good thing he was here to begin with. He's rarely in the academy very much. A real shame, since he's a pretty cool guy."

    Viola thought about it for a few minutes.
    "Why does he have one of the gods' symbol on his armor?"

    "He's somewhat very religious. He says that the crystals were made and put here from the god, Theraneous, himself. Apparently, Nil had a hard life and becoming a paladin changed it completely."

    Viola looked at Kurama.
    "They came from Theraneous? But I thought the gods had forbidden each other from interfering with the mortal realm directly."

    Kurama turned to face Viola.
    "Viola, it's just a story. I don't know if it's real or not.
    Viola nodded.
    "Anyways, were here at the changing rooms. Just give me a second and I'll be right out."
    Kurama went inside. Viola leaned against the wall with her arms behind her back. Her left hand was griping her right arm around the middle as she looked around. The sun was setting and the sky was alight with red and orange clouds, floating by in a wispy sense. After a few minutes, Kurama reappeared changed into the casual garments.
    "Sorry for the wait."

    Viola shook her head.
    "Not a problem at all."

    They then proceeded up into the academy. However, they didn't get far until they met Penny. She was still in her armor.
    "Oh, there you guys are! Why didn't you wait for me! I had to waste time finding Rabbit, Bis, and Jesse. By the time I got back up, you guys were gone."

    Kurama made an apologetic face.
    "Sorry Penny. We kind of forgot. We were just on our way to get Viola's crystal."

    Penny pointed an accusing finger at them.
    "Oh no you're not!"

    Viola froze under the point of the finger. Kurama did as well.
    "Uh... were not?"

    "Of course not!"
    Penny was still glaring at them. Then suddenly her face changed to deep joy and her tone changed to an almost joyous sing-song voice.
    "Not without 'ME' you're not!"

    Kurama let out a relieved sigh.
    "Well, no promises. You need to change out of your armor first."

    Penny looked down at the armor she was wearing.
    "Oh ya. I forgot I was still wearing it."
    She looked back up at them.
    "You better wait for me!"
    Then she hurried and sprinted down the corridor. Once she was out of sight, Kurama continued walking.

    Viola looked at him, but hurried to keep up.
    "Ummm... aren't we going to wait for her?"

    "Don't worry, she knows where it is. She'll arrive just as we arrive."

    And sure enough, he was right. Just as Viola stepped down from the last step, Penny leaped into view and cleared the last 14 steps and landed beside her. She was breathing heavily and clutching her side. After a minute she looked angrily at Kurama.
    "I told you to wait!"

    "And I said, 'No promises'."
    Penny held up a finger and had her mouth open as if she was about to make an angry retort. Then she closed her mouth and nodded, dejectedly. Viola was starting to feel sorry for her, when she was suddenly hyper and happy again. She caught a grin on Kurama's face out of the corner of her eye.
    "Well, lets do this."

    He reached out and opened the doors. Immediately, the same bright lights illuminated everything as the crystals all sparkled of different colors. They all stepped inside and Kurama closed the door. Viola looked around at all the crystals again.
    "So, um... what do I do?"

    "Just remember back to when you heard the call."

    Viola nodded and closed her eyes. She remember hearing her own harmonic voice speaking in a strange language to her. She listened to the voice for a while in her head, and then it seemed that it was coming from another direction. Hesitantly she took a step toward the direction it was coming from. It was echoing out to her from someplace else and she followed it. She was nervous she might run into another crystal formation, but she didn't.

    Finally, the voice seemed to pinpoint to one spot directly in front of her. Her eyes still closed, she reached out. Her hand touched one of the crystals that instantly broke off to her touch. As she held it, a pleasant warm feeling spread through her body. When the warmth finished it's spread. She stepped back and open her eyes.

    She beheld a violet colored crystal sparkling in her hand. And yet, right before her eyes, the crystal was changing shape. It's jagged ends and sharp edges receded and twisted until the crystal represented the shape of a diamond on a deck of cards. It was the exact shape of the notches in all the paladin's swords.

    From behind her, Kurama spoke out.
    "Well, congratulations Viola."
    Viola froze. Something... happened when Kurama spoke. She didn't know what though.
    "Ummm... are you alright, Viola?"

    It happened again. Though too fast for her to identify it. She closed her eyes again tightly.
    "Say something else."

    She could almost see in her mind's eye Kurama and Penny looking at each confused.
    "Uhh... well what do you want us to say?"

    This time Viola managed to identify what was happening. Yet she didn't quite understand it. She opened her eyes and looked at the two of them.
    "It's...weird. Whenever either of you talk, it's as if I can see everything around me. Yet it's like reflections of the things around me."

    The confused looks on their faces grew even more bewildered.
    "Odd. I don't know what you're power is suppose to be, but it sounds like a passive one like Bis. Usually the passive abilities are discovered sooner since the paladin is constantly experiencing them."

    Viola looked down at the violet crystal in her hand. However, any wondering over it seemed to disappear. In it's place, a wonderful happy feeling was filling her.
    "This...this means..."
    She looks triumphant as she hold the crystal above her head in a celebratory manner.
    "I...I finally have my crystal!"
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