I've been trying to bring technology into 3.5 and with it, ways to modify and improve weapons.

But I need public opinion on whether or not these rules are easy to interpret or if they are feasible. I encourage anyone replying to this thread to give examples of what they think isn't usable with this set of rules.

All right, here it is.

There's three functions (that's what I will call them for now) that apply to all weapons: features, utilities and properties.

Features - Features are passive, static, linear, and improve on the basis of enhancement bonus, scaling to enhancement bonus like magical additions to items in ordinary D&D 3.5. An example of a feature would be 'fiery burst'. The only property features can change is the number of modifications that can be made to the weapon that count as 'regular' or less (anything more is always higher then 'regular' such as 'major' or requires the weapon to be built from the ground up with a new craft check).

Utilities - Utilities are additions to weapons or bonuses provided by the weapon itself. Utilities can also apply to other items whose sole purpose is to provide a utility or multitude of such. For example, a locked gauntlet has a bonus to resist disarm attempts against weapons wielded with the gaultlet and the gauntlet can also do lethal unarmed damage. Applying a utility to a weapon counts as a modification. This can include another weapon, but a 'switch to weapon' function must be applied to it for it not to become a property of the weapon (ie. a sword that transforms into a cross bow with the press of a trigger on the hilt; a sword that is both a crossbow and a sword simultaneously is a property of the weapon).

Properties - Properties are core functions of a weapon that identify it. Only some properties can be modified such as damage or 'reach' or 'double weapon' but other properties change without your control, such as 'martial' to 'exotic'. Properties can usually only be adjusted slightly without a new craft check, but some properties are only very slight adjustments (such as a sawed off shotgun as opposed to a regular shotgun - whereas making the shotgun a 'pump action' would be applying a utility and then adjusting the properties).

NOTE: All of the above also applies to armor and shields.