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    Because you demanded it, it's time for....


    Aliases: The Fullbladder; That One Goblin Guy
    Gender: Male
    Species: Goblin
    Age: Contradictory (physically about 40, human-wise)
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Profession: Collector of Curiosities, Spacer
    Power Rating: C-

    Descrition: image by kalirush
    Fullbladder stands just over six feet tall and appears slightly overweight, with broad shoulders. He has amber eyes and green skin. He has a narrow face centred around a sizable, rather hawkish nose. His hands are large and strong.

    Equipment: A particularily ordinary suit, a pack of cigarettes (with matches), an easily disguised canister of mysterious tiny eggs, a small hidden handheld energyweapon, and a bit more (to be filled in later)

    Abilities: Fullbladder has some limited access to knowledge and items from other dimensions and universes. He mostly uses this to copy other people's machine designs. He is a skilled mechanic, though only noticeably when not directly observed. He sometimes exhibits the ability to produce hats from seemingly nowhere, and has some piloting ability.

    Backstory: Fullbladder is a creature from another universe, to make a long, undeveloped story short. Even with universes dumped together, Fullbladder's from somehwere else. It might be an act. He makes some reference to a past as a spacer, hauling supplies and cargo from one unspecified planet to another. At many points throughout the organization's history, he has called AMEN a home or a hideout. For a time, he attempted to create a company he calls "Fullbladder Manufactoring", something he's still trying to spread rumours about. His dealings with inter-dimensional space somnetimes gives him memory trouble.

    Miscellaneous: He, uh, doesn't eat people, I guess.
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