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    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Delta 88
    Race: Human/Cyborg
    Age: Looks to be about 20
    Hair: Red, little past shoulder length
    Eyes: Left is blue, right is glowing green

    Delta stands about 5'4", and is very thin. Most of the right half of her body is robotic, including the right side of her face. She tries to hide this by wearing black boots, dark green cargo pants, a dark blue long sleeve shirt, a gray hoodie, and black gloves. She also tries to keep her hair in front of her face as much as she can.

    There is a fair amount of scarring on her torso and head, as well as the areas that metal meets skin.

    The reason she goes by "Delta 88" is because that has been stamped into her right shoulder. She thinks it's an ID number, but she isn't certain.

    She has most of what would be considered normal limits as far as strength and endurance go. Her robotic limbs are strong than her normal ones, and can take more abuse.

    Her right eye and ear have been enhanced greatly. Her right eye is essentially a camera. It can see in infrared and ultraviolet, and has extended zoom. Her right ear has been modified to be able to pick up sounds well outside the range of human hearing, low and high. And it can hear at greater distances.

    The cybernetics are inside her as well. Her metabolism is vastly improved, meaning she can go much longer without food. And she can get more from what food she does eat. Her lung efficiency is increased. Her heart can take more abuse than a normal human heart.

    Even her brain has been modified. It can store much more data, and retrieve the data faster. Through connections placed in her hand, she can download info from almost any computer, and her brain can communicate with computers as well. She has a vast database on weapons already, which she can call upon by simply looking at a weapon.

    Much of her robotics that are visible were made to be able to attach many things to them, such as weapons. She doesn't have any attachments.

    Delta is very shy and timid. She would hardly ever fight. It'll take a while for her to warm up to somebody.

    She is a very gentle and caring person.

    She is cautious about revealing her robotic half. She has learned that such things are easily accepted in the Nexus, but can't help trying to hide it when she can.

    She is easily scared. She has a mild case of paranoia about her.

    She tries to avoid contact with anybody that looks military.

    The world that Delta comes from is one that had recently just gotten through a long and gruesome war. The winning party, the Northwestern Alliance, started developing a new kind of weapon towards the end of the war. Cybernetic extensions on soldiers. The project was dubbed "Future Soldier". The first group of subjects were all volunteers, and consisted of simply adding robotics to the participants limbs. They came to be known as the Alphas. The strength and abilities of the Alphas helped bring an end to the war.

    The N.A. government had been taken over by various military personnel, most who were involved with "Future Soldier". They felt the need to continue with the project. They simply told the public that they were preparing for when an opposition would dare try to fight them again.

    The second phase involved enhancing human capabilities with cybernetics. These were the Betas. They were mostly volunteers as well; though, some war prisoners were used as early subjects. To work out the bugs, so to speak.

    Seeing good results, and wanting more, the N.A. allowed the project to continue. The third phase involved enhancements to the senses and brain. The Gammas. Due to political and economic issues of the Alliance, there were many less volunteers for this phase. Subjects were pulled from various prisons.

    The current phase involved combing the previous phases. The Deltas. There were no volunteers for this phase, so the government used prisoners again. Mostly people who were deemed to be "traitors to the Alliance".

    Now, Delta has learned this since she had woken up in an alley near the main "Future Soldier" facility. She has learned that the facility had a mass break out mere hours before she woke up.

    What she doesn't know is anything that happened to her before she became a Delta. She cannot remember any of it. She also doesn't know much about what happens outside of the facility. The staff there restricted what knowledge she was able to learn during her time there. Only things which they deemed might be needed by "Future Soldiers".

    Since waking up, she has spent her time laying low, avoiding contact with people as best she can, and traveling as much as she can. She is certain that the N.A. is looking for her. And she is certain that she wants no part of the "Future Soldier" project.

    Other Stuff:

    Her original appearance, as done by Lord Raziere.
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