Name: Akashi Nolor
Gender: Female
Race: Half Celestial Elf
Age: 192
Alignment: CG
Class (or approximation): Favored Soul/Sword Sage
Description: Akashi is six feet tall. She is an albino. Her eyes are bright red. and her hair is pale gold. She normally wears a black and yellow Kimono, and a pair of gold chopsticks in her long hair, which hold it tied in a bun. (looks sorta like a Geisha.) She carries a Katana and a Wakazashi in her wide fabric belt. She also has a pair of white feathered wings.

Equipment and Abilities: Her swords are magical. Their main ability is that when Akashi wields them they blur out of human sight. The blades becoming invisible. Akashi also casts spells granted to her by a god or goddess she does not speak the name of. She calls her god or goddess "The Grand Dragon" Most of her spells seem to either be healing, or fire based.

Personality: Akashi is reserved and polite. She has an odd sense of humor. She likes to hide her emotions, but when some one gets close to her she allows them to see her other side. Akashi is a complete ditz with her friends. She likes to play jokes on them and make them laugh.

Back Store: Akashi has a bit of amnesia that will lift when I decide what her back story is...yes. I am lazy.