Your name: Thorik
Your preferred gender: Male
Your profession (preferred/goal profession for anyone beyond the first six): HammerDwarf/Captain of the Guard
Your reason for being called undwarven and exiled (optional for anyone beyond the first six): Thorik was sent out together with 6 brave other dwarfs to strike the earth in an area rumoured to be particularity rich in metals and gems, whether the rumours were true can't be told even to this day, What can be told however is that the area was haunted and plagued with the unliving...

After the cart had broken down and the expedition leader got promptly slain by a skeletal fox, Thorik reluctantly stepped up to fill the power vacuum. The stout dwarf vowed to lead the survivors home... The journey was hard and trecherous, three other dwarfs were lost along the way, and more if not all... would have perished if Thorik hadn't negotiated an ungodly pact with a band of kobolds.

Once back at the mountain home one of Thoriks dwarven companions had mentioned the Koboldian pact while boasting in the legendary dining-room, Needless to say... the dwarves back at the mountain homes were not amused. and after (quite skillfully I might add) All the blame for the venture was shifted onto Thorik... he was expelled "to go... 'hug' a kobold or something".

Thorik's creed: "Shame and dishonour are worth it if it saves the life of a dwarf"