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    Paladin Academy: Part 13

    Viola woke up disgruntled. She looked over at her crystal which she left on her nightstand when she went to sleep that night. All this time, she thought it would be great to get her own crystal and to have her own unique ability. However, no one told her that she would have to baby sit it constantly.

    She worked her way out of bed and folded it. She finally looked down at her crystal for a moment before snatching it up and slipping it into her pocket.Then she turned and walked out to the mess hall.

    Kurama had left before her and had saved a seat for her to join him. However she was suprised that Penny was also waiting for her as well.

    "Good morning, Viola."
    Viola just nodded at her, but sat without a word. Penny looked at Kurama concerned.
    "What's up with her?"

    Kurama still had that smug smile he wore last night.
    "She found out about the crystals' side-effect."

    "Ohhhhh! Is that's whats bothering her."
    Penny smiled as well.
    "Yeah. I remember when that first happened to me. It was really annoying. And the worse part was Rabbit wasn't in the room to explain it to me. So I was stuck there for several hours trying to find out what the heck was wrong with me."

    Viola spoke up.
    "That's terrible. How can you guys stand it?"

    Kurama shrugs at her.
    "Truth be told, we kind of got use to it. The crystal has pretty much become a part of us that we hardly really think about it anymore."

    Viola looked down at her breakfast, felling gloomy.
    "What's wrong with me then? I almost despise the thing."

    "Everyone feels that way when they first get their crystal, Viola. Mordokai describes it as our bodies getting adjusted to it. That's all."

    Viola looks at them.
    "But what about the risks? What if you lose it? Like you accidently drop it down a cliff or something."

    Both Kurama and Penny shrug their shoulders at her.
    "We don't know."

    Viola raises her eyebrows at them.
    "What do you mean you don't know?"

    "Well, no paladin has ever lost their crystal. You seem to just know where to keep it safe and it stays safe."

    Viola looked between the two of them.
    "No one has lost it? They haven't gotten more then ten feet from their crystal?"

    Kurama shook his head.
    "Nope. So we have no idea what happens if you do lose it."

    "We imagine it would be quite shocking though."
    Viola looked down at her meal again.
    "Oh cheer up, Viola. Have you found out what ability your crystal grants you yet?"

    Viola shook her head.
    "Not yet. But I keep seeing those reflection images of everything around me."

    "Well, no one quite knows what their ability is until they really use it. I remember when I first found out about my ability."

    Viola looked at her.
    "Why? What happened?"

    "Well, Rabbit got sick and tired of me messing up everything of hers. So what she did is she took my crystal and put it up high, out of my reach. I couldn't reach it or any of her stuff thanks to the side effect."

    Viola looked at her in shock.
    "That's terrible. What did you do?"

    "Well, I kept jumping for my crystal, of course. After countless tries, I really concentrated and I felt myself become super light. It was a shock at how high I jumped that I hit the ceiling."

    "Ouch. Were you alright?"

    Penny nodded.
    "Oh yeah. I was just fine. Just surprised."

    Viola turned to Kurama.
    "How did you discover your ability?"

    Kurama smiles.
    It wasn't anything special. It was just a particularly hot day and I remember wishing that my water was much cooler. I was shocked when I put a large ice cube in my mouth all of a sudden."

    Viola chuckled weakly, then she looked down.
    "How will I discover what my ability is?"

    "Well, Kurama says your ability sounds like a passive one. So you should probably discover what yours does quicker then when we figured it out. Think back, what do you remember whenever you see the area around you reflected?"

    Viola recalls back to whenever she see's the reflected surfaces.
    "Mostly, I can see them whenever anyone talks. However, it was especially clear when you ran into that suit of armor, Penny."

    Penny shifts in her seat uncomfortably.
    "Uhhh...Can you not talk about that. I don't want Rabbit to hear that I knocked over another suit of armor."

    "You did that again, Penny?"
    They all looked up. A paladin female who Viola had seen but never spoken to was looking down at them holding a tray with some food on it.
    "My word. How many times does this make?"

    Penny was holding her finger to her lips and shushing the newcomer.
    "Shhh! Shhhhhh! Not so loud! Rabbit can't find out about it, Lix!"

    "Oh relax, Penny. Rabbit isn't here. She left last night with Bis and Jesse."
    She looks down at the empty seat next to Viola.
    "Can I sit down?"

    "Oh, yeah sure."
    Viola shifts over to allow Lix to sit down.

    "Thanks. By the way, you're the new paladin, aren't you? I've seen you around from time to time. My name's Lix. How about yours?"

    Kurama added to the conversation.
    "Her name's Viola, and she's not 'new' here, Lix. She's been in the academy for a few months."

    "Yeah, I know. But there hasn't been anyone new after her. So she's still the new girl until someone else comes in."

    "Hey Lix, do you know where Rabbit, Bis and... Jesse went?"

    Lix turns to face her.
    I'm not sure exactly, but they're looking for someone. Mordokai only gathers those three together if they're out looking for some outlaw close by or whatever."
    Kurama and Penny both looked at Viola who glanced back at them. Lix however was oblivious to the whole thing. She was currently trying to pour syrup onto her pancakes.
    "Dammit! Why is syrup so hard to get out?"

    "Well, have you tried heating it? That gets syrup out faster."

    Lix put her hand under the syrup bottle and fire sparked from her palm. Viola jumped in shock. Lix then poured the syrup much more easily out onto her pancakes.
    "Hey you're right, it does work."
    Viola looked at Penny and Kurama with a startled look, silently asking for an explanation.

    "Lix's ability is fire. She can conjure it at will"

    "Oh yeah, but I can't control it once I conjure it."

    They finish up their breakfast shortly after that and then start heading down to the training ground to start the day.
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