First, I think the table should go on top. It's weird to have to scroll all the way down to see it.

Disagree with the spellcasting remaining delayed until 4th. I like the addition of 5th level spells; I'd consider 6th's, as well. Very happy to see it entirely Charisma based.

Radiant Aura needs clarification if this is a choice the Paladin makes when he gets the feature, or it depends on the type of Paladin he is, or if he has some way of switching between the Aura types at will (and what actions and/or limitations are involved; though honestly, just making it a Free Action on his turn to switch sounds fine)

The organization of the lists for the Paladin of Slaughter and Tyranny could use some work; add some line breaks, at least, between the different levels, please.

I'd consider just removing Turn/Rebuke Undead, and instead let them power Devotions with uses of Smite, or perhaps just a separate pool of uses of the Devotions. Make them better at it than Clerics, by giving them more uses, or something. Even if all his class features are Cha-based, the Paladin still suffers from more MAD than the Cleric does, so I'd say they get 5+Cha uses per day or something. Or maybe gain Extra Turning as a bonus feat every several levels, or something.

Oh, and technically the Devotions are [Domain] feats, not [Devotion] feats. I know, it's odd.

Is Unshakable Justice's augmentation to crit threat range applied before or after Improved Critical/Keen?

Why does Swift Hands take until 15th level?

The duration on Unobscured Justice is really short. Looks like a 4e power rather than something appropriate for 3.5. 4e's better balanced but this is a 3.5 class.