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    Just so I can easily find this stuff...

    Genoveva's Realm

    Genoveva's 'territory' in Las Noches is rather odd in the fact that it is the smallest of the areas controlled by an Espada (she cares little for physical territory) but also contains one of the largest palaces considering it occupies the entirety of her grounds. Despite the fact that her Palicio (Draken, did I spell that right?) takes up all of her territory, there is a lot of space given to housing for regular hollows, numerous, and non-numerous arrancar within it's walls.

    Most of it goes un-used.

    This is because Genoveva fosters an environment where there are no rules or laws, aside from loyalty to the King of Las Noches, and only requires that an individual deals with the consequences of their own actions. (Example: She wouldn't particularly care if a hollow/arrancar plotted against an Espada within her realm ((even herself)) but if said plotting is discovered by the 'victim' of the schemes then she doesn't stop vengeance or punishment from being taken either) 'Kill or be killed, survive or perish' is her general motto. This wouldn't seem like such a problem, most hollows seem to gravitate towards that, until one realizes the Primera stalks the same halls lives by the same philosophy. Those brave or daring enough to live in those halls are usually the cruelest and toughest of the hollows and arrancars or talented enough they can wheedle protection from one of the above. It is actually fairly common for 'criminals' from the territory of other Espada to flee to Genoveva's Palicio on the gamble they won't be discovered and can eek out a living.

    They are usually killed by the other inhabitants or sold out to try and curry favor from the Primera. These are often the people she preys on the most, those ratted out by their fellows since no one cares about them or will particularly notice if they go missing. It also encourages 'honest' hollows/arrancar to try their hand at surviving in her Palicio which increases the size of her 'herd'. The ground floor and majority of the upper tiers of her palace is like a hugely exaggerated mansion with numerous places to gather and discuss in relative comfort (those with talents in the arts are encouraged to display them, mostly cause Genoveva finds the trappings of wealth amusing), with the top most rooms given to the Primera herself though they are rarely used.

    Underneath the ground floor is an extensive system of tunnels, warrens, and borrows that house the enemies of Las Noches within their twisted catacombs. Veins of seki-seki throughout the tunnel system dampen the threat of those forced to live in these 'dungeons' drastically and the only thing keeping them there is a massive gate at the top of a tall shaft that...leads right into Genoveva's chambers. It's the only way in or out that most people ever find out about and, barring the much appreciated jail break attempts (Genoveva also enjoys that excitement) it has never been breached. In those dark warrens, there are no laws or rules because every creature down there is neither hollow or arrancar. These are Genoveva's none 'related' prisoners and they are often forgotten once deposited in this pit. Except for a few 'special' cases that gain themselves unique 'cells' in these tunnels, the prisoners are allowed to run free and govern themselves as they will. Most turn to barbarism to survive. Some don't. Either way, the 'Pits' are all they generally know for the remainder of their days. Even in the relatively peaceful sections of the Pits there are still disappearances and murders, which most of the shinigami, bount, quincy, etc are at a lose to explain and only goad paranoia among these lost souls.


    The simple truth is that the Pits connect to the 'hive' of the King of Hollows and his queen.

    Mostly on a whim, Genoveva connected her prison system to the Hive as a way of providing entertainment to Geister, Renee, and herself as well as providing a 'training under fire' environment for the 'children' close enough to the entrances to the Pits. In theory, one of Genoveva's prisoners could discover one of these hive-exits and try to fight their way through the hive itself to find one of it's exits to the greater area of Las Noches, but few have the stomach for such a venture and fewer still have the power to make such an escape viable.

    If such a shinigami, bount, quincy, etc did manage an escape by that route, they would gain the undivided interest of the Primera in finding them again, extracting answers on how they managed such a feat, and (if lucky) get put back in the Pits.

    It bears mention that only wild hollows or hollows/arrancar who choose to live in the Pits are down there. Criminals or enemies of Las Noches who are of the hollow or arrancar persuasion who come into Palicio of Genoveva are rarely heard from again, but they do not go to the Pits.

    In short, the only laws, rules, or even customs followed in Genoveva's territory are the ones that an individual is able to enforce on their own. This has lead to a very cut-throat environment but Genoveva prefers it that way since the cream of the crop in multiple fields tends to rise to the top in such a situation.

    5th Division
    The 5th Division

    Division Size: Three hundred shinigami currently belong to the 5th Division, with only twenty of it's members actually holding a seated position (including the Captain and Vice-Captain). Despite the choice of promoting more officers, Osamu believes firmly that with limited slots of promotion, 5th Division officers will have to continuously strive to do better to attain one of those valued seats or risk losing their own to a talented underling. A true 'elite' among his Division, the orders of a higher ranked officer are expected to be obeyed explicitly unless there is unshakable proof of the order's foolishness or possible treacherous nature.

    Flower: The insignia for the 5th Division of the Gotei 13 is the 'Lily of the Valley'. The meaning behind the symbol is Sacrifice, Danger, and Pure Love.

    Motto: "Without us, the Seireitei would falter and fall before the onslaught of the enemy. Remember this with humble pride when others besmirch your noble duties!"

    Care For the Hell Butterflies: The most time consuming and important of the 5th Division's duties is the breeding, care for, and training of the Hell Butterflies that every shinigami has used and will continue to do so throughout their career. Though this has lead to the derogatory nickname (as most 5th Divisioners consider it anyway) of 'bug keepers', fewer still could claim the Seireitei would function as well without the black butterflies. Hell butterflies are kept in several massive domed atriums when not in use, the inside of which are lavishly filled with everything the spiritual insects need to survive and thrive under the careful hands of their keepers. These gardens are also places of immense natural beauty by consequence, which some other shinigami have taken to exploiting for meeting places of a certain grandeur or romantic qualities. This is not only frowned upon but strictly forbidden without permission from a 5th Division seated officer since such meetings could disturb the hell butterflies.

    Maintain Reishi-Phone Network: While 5th Division can make no claims to having developed the reishi-phone network, that honor belongs entirely to the 12th Division, they have taken up the mantle of maintaining it so those same 12th Division scientists have time to continue their own research. To that end, 5th Division has (over the years) made some minor improvements to the efficiency and dependability of the reishi-phone network (RPNet) but no true 'upgrades' to the system aside from assigning operators to keep an ear out for distress calls. The RPNet is upheld by numerous pillars of various size scattered about the Seireitei and the Rukon which undergo weekly inspection and maintenance to keep the service in the best shape it can be. For shinigami in the mortal realm, the signal is just as strong since the RPNet boosts it's strength by using the towers and signals of mortals to keep it's own strong. This has lead to incidents where a shinigami was cut off from the RPNet in extremely rural areas, but these are isolated problems.

    Messengers: Sometimes communications are too vital to entrust to a Hell Butterfly, a small insect that is incapable of defending itself from attack and capable of being 'interrogated' to reveal it's information if someone knows what they are doing. To this end, the most important communiques of the Seireitei are handled by actual messengers from the 5th Division, unseated or seated who are light on their feet, know escape maneuvers, and are taught to withstand interrogation until reinforcements arrive to rescue them. The retrieval of a captured 5th Division messenger is one of the few emergencies that fall upon the Captain of the Division to handle himself, even if not directly aiding in the task. This is at odds with the normal mortal world equivalent where messengers or spies are ordered to kill themselves if possible to avoid being forced to give up sensitive information. A stable of messengers is assigned to each division for easy access should an emergency crop up, rarely more then fifteen individuals assigned to a Division with twenty assigned to the Kido Corp. and Stealth Corp., though those messengers typically are a show of good faith rather then meant for actual use.

    Necessary Skills
    The 5th Division doesn't seem particularly strong in combat when compared to the other Divisions of the Seireitei, but that is because they are in the middle of a long change towards becoming a specialized division, a change in which the fruits of this labor can only recently be noticed despite going on for several hundred years. The 5th Division lacks the brute physical ability of other divisions or the technological marvels of the 12th and so falls back on kido when they are forced to fight. Above average in physical combat ability when compared to other Divisions, 5th Division shinigami are taught to rely purely on tactics and kido when forced into direct conflict.

    The greatest skill emphasized in the 5th Division is an uncanny attention to detail and a quick intelligence in order to make snap decisions. After this, it is important to be able to travel long distances quickly and to be above average in kido. Osamu is a living testament that eventually a shinigami's physical body will weaken, so kido is always part of training for the 5th Division and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are likely second only to the Kido Corp. when it comes to average kido ability.

    Of physical ability and combat techniques, hakuda is emphasized more then zanjutsu since the unpredictable ways in which a zanpakuto may manifest means that a shinigami may end up with a particularly heavy zanpakuto or one that restricts movement overly much. Considering that 5th Division shinigami are instructed to abandon a fight as quickly as possible, especially when on task, this means it actually becomes inconvenient for zanjutsu to be promoted overly much. So, while they do not focus on this aspect of shinigami combat, 5th Division shinigami are expected to be adept at defending themselves against an enemy with nothing but their bare hands.

    The main criteria for promotion in the 5th Division is excellence, a fine pedigree, and a canny mind above that of those who would otherwise be a seated officer's equal. Many of those recruited into the 5th Division are those with a measure of raw potential that could become significant talent if nurtured properly, making 5th Divisioners requesting a transfer to another Division a prime subject for whatever task they might be put towards. However, with only twenty seated positions, this very same nurturing environment ensures that only the cream of the crop rises to the top of the 5th's chain of command and they are rarely demoted from such a position unless they fail at a task catastrophically or end up dying. With that said, the current captain has been noted to show favor towards members of his House when it comes to promoting talent, meaning there is quite of Osamu's family occupying the seated positions but not purely on their social pedigree though. He hopes to forge his descendants into superb shinigami and perhaps even find a successor among them as well.

    Along with this, a minor note must be given to the fact that Osamu shows even more favor towards female shinigami of a certain aesthetic quality when it comes to promotion, though he is far from sexist in this regard. It quite simply comes down to the fact that the seated officers are the one's most often seen by Osamu and in his twilight years the elderly captain prefers to surround himself with beautiful girls to brighten up his term as a captain after seeing some particularly heinous deeds.

    Previous Captains
    As the single oldest captain and shinigami currently serving in the Seireitei, there is some wonder if there even was another captain before Osamu. He is noted for having attained his captaincy at the 'young' age of 113 by way of getting the majority of captains at the time to approve of his candidacy and has maintained the position ever since. Most shinigami alive today have never known any other captain of the 5th aside from Osamu, but the fact is that he was not the first in the position...he just doesn't talk about those who came before and records are sketchy on the matter.

    Ryuunosuke Household

    Ryuunosuke Household

    Status: One of the four Greater Noble Houses

    Main Estate: The Ryuunosuke main estate is extravagant, refined, and big. It is also located out in the sixty-third district of the Rukon, far from the walls of the Seireitei and dangerously close to what some refer to as the 'lawless districts' where the law of shinigami does not extend. Some postulate that the castle, and it is a castle, is actually intended as a bastion against later districts should the Rukon citizens try to rebel for their poor conditions. And it could only be described as a castle, styled in the same fashion as ancient Japanese castles, but with close to fifteen floors it was larger then a fair number of mortal castles. It sits on a narrow bluff that overlooks a large lake, almost scenic if it wasn't for the five tall walls of seki-seki rock that spread outward from the castle proper. No matter the location or attempts at aesthetics, it's all too obvious that Ryuunosuke Castle is meant as a defensive bastion. Between the walls are numerous flower gardens where hell butterflies can swarm and feed but also restore some of the lost beauty of the building even as one gets past the final wall.

    The castle proper is surrounded by a large well-lighted courtyard broken up into various training areas that reach up to the gates of the castle itself. The upper floors are reserved for accommodations for important or noble visitors, offering most amenities as well as a quiet place to reflect and thing. The floors closer to the bottom are meant for more common guests and the quarters can more accurately be described as barracks instead of rooms. Mostly because that's what they are. The unseen basement floors, only numbering eight and are quite stuffy, hold dusty lab equipment, data storage, supplies in case of siege. Ryuunosuke Castle was a fortress in and of itself, something that seems oddly fitting.

    There is, in fact, only one area in the entire castle that no one is allowed to go to, and that is the bottommost floor of Ryuunosuke Castle where only Osamu is allowed to go or even capable of entering.

    OOC: If you can't tell from reading the above. Ryuunosuke Castle IS a castle in every sense of the word. It occurred to me that Osamu might have planned for the worse, that the Seireitei might be taken or destroyed by Las Noches' forces and thus turned his family's home into a last redoubt and bunker for the shinigami to regroup and prepare to strike back. It has elementary science facalities, training grounds, and other such stuff on the grounds and it's five walls of seki-seki offer up a similar barrier that the Seireitei's wall does..but not as strong, obviously.

    Beliefs: The Ryuunosuke belief, carefully guided by it's patron, is that the four Great Noble Families are inherently superior to the rank and file of the Rukon but that they shouldn't be arrogant over such a fact. Instead they are encouraged to be leaders, confidants, and examples to others of how one should behave and of what they should strive to be. Manners and etiquette are required teaching to Ryuunosuke family members, no matter what field they choose to go into or even if they choose to ignore such lessons, meaning they can get along politely with most people. Of more physical beliefs, the Ryuunosuke supports the letter of the law rather then the intent behind it. Rules exist in society for a reason, and if the higher echelons of society don't obey those rules then how can they expect anyone else to honor them? Someone breaking a law, especially serious ones, is one of the worse things they could do in most Ryuunosuke's eyes. Committing an offense like the murder of mortals or shinigami, treason, or trying to subvert the Seireitei's authority are grounds to be cut off from the family.

    The public stance of the Ryuunosuke household on several topics is well known (though the private beliefs are of course varied), such as the belief that mortals with spiritual powers need to be carefully watched as a potential ally or even enemy. In some cases, such as the Quincy, they have supported motions for more militant action against that tribe of humans though nothing major ever came of it. Actions taken to alter how Quincies handle hollows are seen as a band-aid solution at best since all it takes are a couple of bad apples willing to use the full extent of their power. Hollowings and Vizards are an entirely different matter, viewed as time bombs just waiting to go off. Unstable, dangerous, and not worth the trouble of trying to make productive members of the Soul Society.

    Philosophy: Grace. Poise. Dignity. These are what separate us from the rank-and-file. And it is why you must aspire to be the perfect shinigami, to inspire others to greatness. Be perfect and others will follow suit.

    Amada Castro, Fraccion to Pico
    Gender: Female
    Age: 108
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 109 (see below)
    Reiatsu: Sea Blue
    Aspect of Death: ???

    Appearance: Amada Castro is a bit on the short side for an arrancar, something that's earned her the nickname 'Shrimp' from those of her fellows looking to insult her. Her mask fragment looks as if it had come from a full-head helmet but has been broken to the point that it's some bizarre sort of crown. It wraps around her head over=top of her light blue hair that's usually pulled back into a pony-tail. A japanese character is tattooed on her right cheek, matching the dark blue facial markings that are painted around her one exposed eye.

    The only other alteration she has to the normal arrancar uniform is a bright red scarf that is wrapped about her throat and dangles down to her waist. Amada has a deceptively slim form, she almost appears to be a teenager to the untrained eye (or those who don't know what an arrancar is) and has a sort of grim air about her that is entirely opposed by her personality.

    Personality: Amada is a deceptively friendly individual to get to know, but is constantly looking for ways to advance her position. However she is also acutely aware of her own capabilities and knows when to retreat from a dangerous situation. This has lead her to be quite comfortable within the upper tiers of Las Noches ruling classes, or rather as a servant to the ruling class of Las Noches.

    Normally she can be found going from district to district on the pretense of looking for distractions while the simple reality is...she doesn't know why. She's driven to wander and look about, a free-spirited individual but the source of her wanderlust is utterly unknown to her.

    Zanpakuto: Camarón Grande (Big Shrimp)
    Camarón Grande takes the form of a large (for her size) war pick that she usually keeps stuck in her belt. One side of the hammer actually tapers down to sharp point. Usually she alternates between using the hammer head or the pick head in actual combat.


    Resurrección: "Quebré a pedazos! Camarón Grande! (Shatter to pieces! Big shrimp!

    Upon release, Amada's transformation is quite poignant. Her crown turns into a helmet that leaves just her face open to the sight, even as it goes all the way down to her feet in the back and is curved like a shrimp's carapace. This rigid shroud also leads down to cover her arms and hands, turning each one into a large armored claw. The right is a bulky and cumbersome thing with an opening where the claw prongs meet. The left actually looks more like the pincer of a mantis with a warped sphere at the very bottom with serrated 'teeth' all along the inside. In Resurreccion her carapace is even more difficult to pierce then her normal hierro, meaning she usually tries to turn take a blow on the shell. As most can guess, each claw has a different purpose...

    Pistola de aluvión: In resurreccion, Amada is capable of using her right claw to fire a special kind of cero. When she uses pistola de aluvión Amada charges her cero in front of her right claw, but instead of firing it the energy is sucked into the opening at the juncture of the claw. There the energy is magnified and stored until Amada fires it off. When she does, an extremely powerful fiery blast erupts from her claw, but only hits a sphere about three feet in diameter in front of her right claw. It's difficult for her to hit an enemy with this blast, but that's not it's real purpose. This blast releases a loud shockwave that can stun opponents who are too close to it, even as it batters them with the shockwave.

    Mantis Barra: The purpose of her left claw, it actually functions much like a bear-trap. When she attacks with her left claw, the front-most part snaps out at incredible speed to crash against an opponent. It actually creates a brief void in it's wake which, when it collapses, makes for a second blow against her opponent. A rapid-fire one-two punch. The same happens when the claw snaps shut around an opponent, the claw will hit first before the void hits as well.

    General Abilities:

    Bala: Amada isn't capable of using the bala technique.

    Cero: Amada's cero is fired from the space above her covered eye. Aside from the unique coloration, there is nothing particularly notable about her cero.

    Hierro: Of her natural arrancar abilities, Amada's hierro is the most potent of those abilities. She much prefers to try and take a blow then try to avoid it, trusting to her superior hierro to stave off blows. It comes close to Espada level in it's capacity to absorb punishment.

    Sonido: Just below average for a fraccion. Amada is not capable of traveling particularly fast over distances but the movement of her arms are particularly swift.

    Garganta: Can create gargantas but cannot do any fancy tricks with them.

    Pesquisa: Above average in it's detection abilities.

    Possible connections:
    • Espada
    • Other arrancar
    • Other Fraccion

    Nobu Aki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 343
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 131 pounds
    Reiatsu: Teal
    Division: 4th Division, Vice-Captain candidate


    Aki is notable only in the fact that she doesn't look how many expect a shinigami of the 4th Division to appear. Her shinigami robes are cut tighter then normal, so there's less loose cloth to get in the way of her movements while the sleeves have been done away with entirely. A red scarf is wrapped about her throat to hang down over her back. She could be called pretty, after a fashion, but she seems much more like a tom-boy then anything else and it shows in how she carries herself.

    Aki always seems to be bubbling over with anxious energy, bouncing from one foot to the other if left in one place for too long, usually holding her zanpakuto rather then hanging it on her belt. Honestly, she looks more like one of the 'ninja' from the 2nd Division rather then a medic, and Aki wouldn't have it any other way!

    Aki is a rough-n-tumble shinigami that seems like she'd be far more at ease in the middle of a fight then she would in any kind of operating room, though this couldn't be further from the truth. At heart, Aki cares a great deal for the people around her and just isn't suited for a life or death struggle, even against hollows. Because of this, she was assigned to the 4th Division, despite her protests, and the rest is history! There Aki learned to quiet herself through the monotonous yet necessary work of the division's day to day duties and has a vibrant bed-side manner that does wonders for encouraging her patients to never give up. Aki is also well known for having a very strong superstitious streak, knowing very many quaint customs that run the gamut from keeping away evil water spirits, to using sticks to try and divine the future. Most don't take this personality quirk, or Aki herself, that seriously since she's never shown any kind of intiative and was only promoted because to not do so would be to ignore her obvious skills. However, it's only recently that she showed any kind of ambition to make herself into an officer, having pushed to get herself promoted in the wake of a new captain taking charge of 4th Division.

    Some say she has an infatuation with Captain Akira with snide glances, though the truth is more complicated. That truth being that Aki has a hard case of hero worship for the older shinigami and sees Akira as her own personal hero. The scarf she wears was only recently adopted as a concession to Akira's own tendency to disdain the shinigami uniform when in the 4th Division. Why she looks up to Captain Akira is a mystery, but the fun-loving and curious Aki never ceases to turn fawning when in the presence of her hero. To the shinigami of 4th, she's made great pains to invest a sense of pride in them for what they do, to varying degrees of success, and generally acts like a big sister to those she is put in charge of.

    Aki's zanpakuto is an oddity among others, having a weird aestic to it that puts many off. It's unreleased form is that of a tanto that Aki typically carries or stuffs down a pant leg that's sheathed in cherry wood. It's only once it releases that it gets...odd.

    Shikai: Stitch them back together, Kuraingu Figyuarin!
    When released, Kuraingu Figyarin becomes one of the more powerful healing zanpakuto, capable of healing life-threatening injuries at little risk to Aki or her patient. Even though she only knows the shikai, it's been of invaluable help whenever Aki has needed to treat a patient on the verge of death. When released, the tanto transforms itself into a large no-dachi that is longer then Aki is tall and more then sharp enough to split a hair up the middle. What's unusual is that a number of featureless stuffed toys are attached to the blade by red string.

    To activate Kuraingu Figyarin's ability, Aki must first spread some of her own blood along the blade, usually by opening a cut in her palm though if she's wounded any blood could do. After she does, the blade turns crimson for a single strike of the blade. Anyone struck by the red blade in it's first swipe after it's turned crimson finds themselves unharmed by the attack, even as their features are super-imposed unto one of the dolls that Aki carries, including any injuries they might have. From then on, until Aki goes over her limit of potential patients (5?), reseals, or loses her grip on her sword, Aki has established a resonance with the person she struck. Whatever repairs she makes to the doll, from cuts and broken bones to loss of blood/stuffing and damaged organs are fixed within the doll's mirror image as well. If Aki's quick enough, she could even sew back on a limb though that's far more difficult. It's for this reason that she carries a small army's worth of sewing supplies with her, to maximize the amount of healing she can do.

    Offensively, her shikai is practically useless. When not in it's 'bloodied' state, the blade is as dangerous as any other zanpakuto but that's not all it can do. An enemy struck by the crimson blade find Aki in possession of their doll as well, though she's rarely inclined to repair them. By painting a variety of colors upon the doll, she can make it's counter-part feel ill or sick depending on the paint used or even put it by a fire to make the victim feel hot and uneasy. Unfortunately this sympathetic feed doesn't allow for Aki to inflict actual harm on the doll without taking serious measures. This means she couldn't stab a doll and expect the enemy to die, they'd merely feel the pain of the stab and likely look for the one responsible while Aki would lose the connection to the enemy which means she'd have to rely on her zanjutsu for defense. That said, if a doll is destroyed then it's counterpart will cease to feel the sensations the doll feels, without any more harm being inflicted on the target. Typically Aki likes to take a weird doll and crush it, to demoralize the enemy, but it's not too dangerous for the victim. Mostly Aki uses her shikai to treat patients and hamper the enemy while staying well clear of danger.

    Inner World: Kuraingu Figyuarin's inner world resembles an antiques and oddities store, that hasn't been used in years, with a thick layer of dust cast over everything.

    Zanpakuto Spirit:

    General Abilities:

    Kido: Aki is adept at bakudo and healing kido, second only to the captain herself. While she is capable of some powerful hado, Aki is reluctant to use it since she insists upon using the chants. If she's going to attack, she's of the opinion it should be the best she can do.

    Hoho: Above-average. Aki is capable of quick bursts of impressive speed (to get to allies in need or away from an enemy) but tires out quickly. If she's going somewhere, it's by normal running, which she is good at.

    Zanjutsu:Against all odds, Aki is a proficient swordswoman and knows all the ins and outs of her zanpakuto's abilities. Most are surprised that she hasn't been able to manifest her sword's spirit yet, when the truth is that she has no desire to. That said, either with the tanto or the no-dachi her zanpakuto turns into, she's more then adept at wielding the blade in self-defense.

    Hakuda: Basic.

    Offense: Average, for a vice captain. While she has laudable swordmanship and an impressive grasp of powerful hado, she has a deep-seated reluctance to cause harm that keeps her from doing her best outside of kido.

    Defense: Average, for a vice-captain. She's adept at using bakudo spells to protect herself and to give herself time to run away, but her physical defenses are almost non-existent and she'd prefer to simply not get in a fight in the first place. Aki's strength is her exceedingly good healing abilities, not anything combat related.

    Possible connections:

    • Other shinigami
    • Other 4th Division members
    • Mortals

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