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    Avvie by Kid Kris

    Gender: Female
    Species: Tiefling
    Age: 18
    Alignment: CG/Good
    Class: Bard
    Power Level: 5/B (In D&D 4e terms, this version of her is level 15)
    Description: Hope has some features that are remarkably human, as well as some that testify to her infernal heritage. Her skin is a deep red, and she has medium-sized horns and a thin, slightly prehensile tail that she normally keeps visible, and tends to react to how she's feeling. She generally has a content expression on her face, and has a longsword buckled to her side, as well as a cittern. She generally wears a blue, knee-length dress, that while slightly revealing, isn't to the point of making her look like a seductress.
    Personality: Hope fits her name quite well, being a cheerful young woman who always seeks to help others. She is trusting, friendly, and loyal to those she counts as her friends (and a bit of a flirt, although she never goes after married men), and also a cunning leader. She's also willing to take up arms to defend herself (and those who can't protect themselves), although she views most laws as restrictive.
    Equipment: Hope carries a longsword with her, with yet-to-be-determined magical abilities, and she has a suit of leather armor, which she can summon directly onto her when she's in trouble. She also has a cittern, which is magical!
    Abilities: Bardic. Will be described later.
    Backstory: TBD
    Other: ...nothing, at the moment.
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