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    Kyasarin Shihan
    (first then last)

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 95 pounds
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Age (actual): 78
    Age (appearance): 17
    Reiatsu color: Magenta
    Division: 2nd
    Rank: Vice-Captain

    She is also the commander of Unit 2 of the Onmitsukidō


    Kyasarin is friendly and has a good sense of humor, but when it comes to her duty, she is very serious. She respects those ranked above her with the utmost... um... respect.

    History: Not much is known about Kyasarin's time alive, except that she died at the age of 17 after being hit by a car. Upon entering the Rukon district, she immediately made a reputation for herself of being an excellent thief, using this skill to survive often. After spending 22 years there, she enrolled in the Academy. Her teachers complimeted her speed, and her Kido teachers gave her high marks on Bakudo, but refused to commet when asked about her Hado skill. She graduated from the academy after 6 years, and immediately joined Division 2. She quickly climbed the ranks because of her captain, Yuuki Mitagawa, who not only was impressed with her skill for someone so young, but also because he saw her as a daughter or younger sister to him. The latter was only a very minor reason, and she of course had no knowledge of this reason. She was promoted to Vice-Captain at the age of 69. A year later, she took the advice of her father-figure captain and became the Commander of Unit 2 of the Onmitsukidō.

    Zanpaktou: Senbara no Chitoge(Thousand Roses' Thousand Thorns)

    Zanpaktou release command: Bloom, Senbara no Chitoge!

    Zanpaktou Spirit:
    Senbara no Chitoge appears as a beautiful maiden garbed in a flowing dark green dress. Her long hair is blood red. In her hand she carries a single rose.

    Inner World:
    A vast meadow of, you guessed it, roses. In the center is a single rose, humongous, extending hundreds of feet in the air. It's stem is larger than any tree trunk and it's thorns appeared to be aligned in such a way that they form a spiral staircase leading to the top. Senbara no Chitoge can usually be found at the top, amidst it's petals. When Kyasarin is sad, the sun disappears and the roses wilt.

    Zanpaktou Unreleased Form:
    A pair of sai with red ribbons coming out of the butt of each. Perfect for quick blows, deflecting attacks, and disarming people of their weapons.

    When the Shikai form is released, Senbara no Chitoge becomes a long 12' metal chain covered in small flesh tearing spikes. At the end of the chain is a metal spike. There is a red ribbon attached at the base of the metal spike. She needs to wear specialty gloves so she doesn't hurt herself on the spikes.

    Special power: At her will, razor sharp, armor piercing needles will shoot out of the chain when she spins it at high speeds. Also, as long as her oponent isn't too powerful or too skilled at Kido, they can pierce through Kido barriers.

    Bankai (not yet achieved)
    Senbara no Chitoge's true name is Senbara no Chitoge no Chidaruma (Blood of a Thousand Rose's Thousand Thorns). When activated, a mass of rose petals engulfs Kyasarin. As they disappear, Kyasarin is garbed in a kimono (probably spelled that wrong) woven out of vines. In her hand is the end of a vine, that is extending into the ground. At her will, she can control it, so thorn covered vines shoot out of the ground attempting to damage and grab the enemy. Since she can control them, there is no pattern of where they will come out of the ground, making them very difficult to track.

    Flash expert: Kyasarin is an expert at the flash step technique, while not necessarily being good enough for the title of flash master, there are a fair amount of Shinigami who can't track her movements and few who are as good as she is. Speed and agility are her trade marks you know.

    Wimp: She is a master at quick killing blows. But in most other cases her regular attacks aren't all that powerful. Her attacks are very rarely killing blows, and someone with enough bruteforce might be able to overpower her despite her speed.

    Bakudo not Hado: While fairly good at the defensive techniques known as Bakudo, she sucks at Hado. In fact, she is so bad that she never uses Hado, she doesn't even use Bakado all that much, except when she is in dire need to.
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