Yamako Katsuragi

Race:Awakend Human
Power rating: C
Appearance: Yamako is 5'11'' tall, has Asian features and skin tone, and natrually purple hair and eyes (A result of her class II SURGE). her hair is about 3' long, and boundin two ponytails at the sides of her head. she is athletic, and slender, but not frail.at the back of her head is a plug , that allows her to connect to any compatible computer system
Backstory: An Ex hitman born 2065 in Tokyo, Japan ,and transported to the nexus . Yamako left the business after killing a innocent bystander. she now works for watchtower
Abilities:As an awakened(magic) human, Yamako is faster, stronger and more Agile than the norm. her reaction time ...finish this later..k?