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    Jack Teach:

    Rank: unseated Shinigami of the 8th division, has the skill to become a seated officer, he is unwilling to attempt it at the moment though because he views seated positions as the BLAME ME FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS rank. He would rather avoid that unless something or someone convinced him otherwise.

    Backstory: Jack was taken in by the parents of another shinigami after he was discovered to be homeless in the Runkon district. Seeing his intelligence and his ability to process information quickly, they helped him to enroll in the Shinigami academy and he was able to graduate with high grades in his Kido and General Academics. He still goes to the Runkon district to visit his adoptive family and to bring them some of the nicer food that he can get his hands on from the Seireitei.

    Sub Division: He works in combat tactics, though he does not make any decisions, his main work here is to create ways to test the combat efficiency of tactics developed by others in the division, he uses a combination of a math formula he created himself as well as physical tests that allow him to time how quickly the tactic works and how effectively it completes it's objective.

    Appearance: Short brown hair and a shinigami's hakama but the white stripes that are found at the top of the uniform are covered in symbols. He wears his zanpaktou over his right shoulder, even though normally you would wear your blade on the left side. He uses this to start an over head swing with his sword.

    Personality: A laid back, Shinigami who spends most of his free time either training or just relaxing, he is the kind of person who likes a good laugh but has a short temper when it is clear that someone is hiding something from him. He always scored high on intelligence tests but his idea that all high up positions come with more blame keep him from seriously persuing them. His attitude towards work is like that of most humans on earth, "This is a big pain I would rather do something else but I need to eat and it beats what I used to do." He ususally applies his intelligence to either team battles and developing ways to simulate combats situations between two fighters, to help decide if he or someone else should engage their opponent in the future. In order to keep his mind sharp he plays lots of strategy games.

    Abilities outside of his Zanpaktou:

    Hado Skill Level In Relation To Rank: 7/10. He has very good Hado for his rank.

    Shunpo Skill Level In Relation To Rank: 5/10 He has average Shunpo but he avoids using it as he gets a little bit sick if he uses it too often.

    Bakudo Skill Level In Relation To Rank: 5/10 He is average at Bakudo, primarily because he prefers to train his Hado, seeing Bakudo for the most part as less usefull.

    Reiatsu: Sea Blue

    Zanpaktou: Kaisui or Seawater

    Basic Appearance: It looks like a katana with blue grip and gold tsuba.

    Shikai Release Command: Commander of the seven seas, Kaisui!

    Shikai Effect: He is able to send energy towards his enemy in the form of icy water. The icy water does not freeze but rather causes blunt trauma by firing the water in large volume. If he gathers the energy for the attack but waits, pressure will build up and cause the trauma to be greater.
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