El daPantheo

Alias: The Hammer of the Gods, "Fool!", Holy Fist
Race: Human
Age: 21

Alignment: True Neutral (though can vary due to Artifact Resonance, see below)

Class Approximation: Magical Combatant (varies)
Power Rating: B?

Description: El is an averagely sized, fairly well-built human young adult, with incredibly pale skin, large dark brown eyes, and tightly trimmed dark curls, typically dressed in archaic fare, tunics and the occasional pair of breeches littering his otherwise retro outfits of hobbled-together jeans and patchwork jackets. He is, though, often accessorised by a variety of items that are described below.

Equipment and Abilities: The Pantheonic Instruments: Magical devices, each imbued with the power of a certain mythical Greco-Roman deity, the Artifacts collectively share certain atrributes. Each is completely invulnerable, resistant to the effects of harm and age, and are moderately resilient to mystical manipulation. Each is also bound to El (currently), meaning only he can use them to their full extent (currently). Each, due to Artifact Resonance, has the negative effect of causing the wielder to be influenced by the deity that imbues them magically when used (for example, using the most holy of the artifacts repeatedly over time forces El to act in a holy manner, while using the Artifact of a deity lacking in morals damages his own morals). Repeated use of any artifact, no matter which deity forged it, unfortunately also leads of mental problems, and certain physical symptoms. Each can be "activated" by speaking the name of the God of the item, or the item's name, and "deactivated" in the same manner.
The Lightning of the Heavens
A mystical gemstone, painfully pierced into El's left palm, lets him summon and manipulate electricity and lightning; the gem allows him to create large amounts of electricity, manipulate already-present electricity, create static charges, hinder the workings of electrical equipment, and resist electrical attack. The stone causes El to feel lusty and greedy upon repeated or heavy use, but doesn't necessarily force him towards the side of evil.
The Trident of the Undersea
In fact a small earring, in the shape of a trident, crafted from dark obsidian, this artifact allows El to breathe without air, swim at great speeds, and move with incredible agility, as if lacking in solidity within his form. However, the earring's use forces El, after repeated or heavy use to feel antisocial and isolated, and act in a similar manner.
The Foam Droplet
The other earring on El, this small, mother-of-pearl heart shape can, when activated, make the wearer seem incredibly attractive and lovable, to the degree that when focussed, it can make people fall in love with the wearer. This is not to be taken lightly, however, as repeated or heavy use can make the wielder become deeply mentally troubled, moreso than usual, and if used on certain people, make the user fall in love with them.
The Feet of Hermes
These winged shoes shapeshift depending on the wearer (in El's case, there are a pair of Converse trainers, with large, folded swan's wings on their sides), allowing the wearer to fly at great speeds, without being damaged by air pressure, or damaging themselves upon landing. However, after repeated or heavy use, the wearer becomes sly and evasive.
The Hands of Power
Thick gauntlets (one with a cut-open gap to reveal the gemstone) rest of El's hands, malleable as if merely silken gloves, grant El the power of superhuman strength and durability when activated, yet repeated usage can make him violent and, dare-I-say-it, evil.
The Feather of Hera
This brazen peacock's feather, resting on a simple cord around El's neck, grants the wearer the power to see the past and future of other people. It is easier to do this if the person being read is willing, and reading the future is considerably more difficult that the past. However, merely using the artifact can cause El to become suspicious and paranoid.
The Amulet of the Grain
This heavy diamond, also resting on a simple cord, vies for attention on El's neck, granting him the power to heal wounds and repair injuries, though not his own. Rather, it grants him a limited healing factor when activated, but can not repair wounds nearly as effectively as it can to other people. Repeated or heavy use causes El to become maudlin and sad.
The Sword of Might
.. It's a big sword. It cuts things. Pretty damn well.
The Bands of Blood
Two thin belts around El's waist, when activated, make him able to control the minds of plants, animals, and very weak-willed humanoids. Repeated use, though, or heavy use, can make the user act as if incredibly drunk, and can misuse this ability.
The Aegis
A large shield, this, often concealed by a variety of minor spells, as well as acting as a durable, magical, defensive object, is painted with the face of a terrible gorgon, and, when activated, can turn weak-willed people looking at it to stone. Repeated or heavy use can make El overly righteous and law-obsessive.
The Everbright Spark and The Ring of the Cycle
Two rings, the former gold, the latter silver, sit on El's fingers, each fairly thin and pale on top of the gauntlets he wears. Both have similar powers, the former is able to create light around the wielder, and burn those who come to close, while the latter is able to extinguish flames, and make the wielder harder to see. Use of both simultaneously instantly knocks out the wielder, and repeated and heavy use of either can make the wielder somewhat reckless.