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    Serazel Guerrero, Fraccion to Mei
    Name: Serazel Guerrero
    Age: Indetermined
    Aspect of Death: Protection
    Animal: Crow
    In life, Serazel used to be one of many English bowmen during the Hundred Years War. To him, keeping his squadmates safe and sound was the highest of his duties. He took this to heart first and foremost - having no family of his own, he felt it was his duty to keep those who did alive. As happens to many good soldiers, he eventually met his end - a French crossbowman put a bolt through his chest. Once dead, the despair of failing what he felt was his personal mission accelerated his descent into a Hollow's existence. First, he consumed his former squad mates, one by one - and then, other soldiers in the battlefield he died in.
    Word got out, and being that it wasn't a strategic place anyway, conflict eventually ceased in the region. With none left to devour, Serazel wandered into Hueco Mundo. The word 'Hollow' would seldom seem as fitting for a lost soul such as he. Even consumed as they were, the feeling of the souls of his fallen squadmates drove him onward, mantaining his headstrong personality intact enough that he managed to get through the process that changes a Hollow into an Arrancar. Survival of the fittest was just a different kind of battlefield, after all.
    But this time he had no one to protect. No one to fight for. Hueco Mundo had, thus far, shown him nothing of the warmth his former life allowed him, distorted as it was. He started looking for someone to protect. The only way to protect someone in Hueco Mundo was to serve him or her. And to serve someone, you needed to have some sort of talent.
    At least that much he was provided. His former life taught him how to hide. Surviving through Arrancarization taught him how to do it well - better than anyone. Better than any hunter. Learning how to escape when the enemy was too strong made him fast. In other words, slowly he started to become the perfect spy.
    Spies were in relatively short supply in Hueco Mundo. Muscle? You could practically scoop it out of the ground. Tacticians? Enough of them to go around. Researchers? No need for more. Spies, though? Yeah, they could probably use some!
    That's how he ended up a Fraccion.

    Serazel is straightforward. He spares precious little words, and isn't prone to jokes, though he does have a sense of humor - a strange one at that. He tends to keep to himself, his thoughts unimportant until actually requested. He has a strange side in that he dislikes to fight anyone if not one-on-one - he doesn't know how to deal with groups. It's not that he can't fight them, it's that such situations tend to remind him of his former life - and those who fight to protect something are too remniscent of himself for his tastes.

    Serazel has the ability to create illusions, often used to misdirect his opponents. They present audible, visual, olfactory and even thermic components, but not tactile. He typically uses this ability to confuse his enemies by making copies of himself, smoke screens, or creating camouflage to hide him from visual detection.
    General abilities:
    Bala del Cazador (Hunter's Bala): Serazel's unique form of Bala is a combination of his impressive Reiatsu control and his Sonido. The impact of his individual Bala is relatively small - however, it is even faster than the average Bala, and is usable in almost gatling-like succession. It also has a strange property - Bala del Cazador is attracted to Reiatsu, not only his opponent's, but that of his other Bala. This creates a spread, random effect with absolutely no predictable pattern that is similar to a cue ball hitting a formation of other balls in billiards. The resulting barrage is extremely difficult to dodge or contain, and until they hit their target or run out of energy, the bala continue to ricochet off themselves and invisible "walls" (actually, the resulting curve from being attracted to each other). However, the diminished impact makes it so that opponents with a greater defense capability sustain minor damage at best, and the effect only mantains its greatest efficiency when focused on a single target or against several weak targets. It's more usable as a hindering tool rather than a form of attack, depending on the opponent at hand.
    Sonido: Along with his Reiatsu control, this is Serazel's specialty. Combined with his ability to create illusions, it makes him a difficult opponent to deal with, but not impossible. His capability at this is most definitely first-rate.
    Cero: Being that the Cero's power is directly proportional to one's Reiatsu output rather than control thereof, and that Serazel's primary function is as a spy rather than as a combatant, his Cero is merely ordinary. It doesn't have a particularly large blast area nor possesses great destructive power - overall, its very owner considers it useless.
    Reiatsu Control: Nothing short of impressive. When stalking a target, the Fraccion is capable of reducing his Reiatsu very, very close to zero. He becomes exceedingly difficult to detect in this manner, making him quite good at his primary function. That doesn't mean it's impossible to find him, but a tracker would have to be attentive to the minute signs of his presence, making it difficult to spot him as a reflex. Unfortunately for him, his ability to mantain such a state in combat is reduced, making it more useful as a sneaking and getaway tool rather than a combat one.
    Hierro: Normally his weakest quality along with his Cero, Serazel can only artificially increase his Hierro by means of his control of Reiatsu, and even so, not by too much. This makes him unable to attack or escape as effectively as normal, though, and as a result he only uses this to cover someone else's escape (though he prefers to distract the opponent with Bala del Cazador instead).
    Garganta: Very limited. Typically, he is only able to open a passage for himself and perhaps one other. Even so, it closes quickly, and he can't do much with it.
    Pesquisa: Average. Serazel tends to count more on his ability to remain undetected than his ability to scout at a range.
    Negácion: Not capable of that yet, or most likely, ever.
    Zanpakutou: Avanzo Inexorable (Unstoppable Advance)
    Release: Levantate, Avanzo Inexorable (Stand, Unstoppable Advance)
    Avanzo Inexorable gives him a mask resembling a crow's beak (not unlike that of a certain character from Gatchaman), bird-like "leggings" that ends in clawed feet (strangely articulate), black bird-like wings and talons, and makes his sword (normally a tanto without a tsuba, or guard) disappear. In this form, Serazel's already amazing speed increases, as does his Reiatsu. His wings provide him with a "shield" of sorts, since despite being flexible and allowing him full-range flight, they actually possess a respectable Hierro. They're also sharp, and can be used as a weapon, though the talons at his fingertips are more effective in that regard. They can be shot forward like projectiles, followed by very resillient strings of Reishi. Expectedly, these "strings" cut like sharp razor wire, though Serazel prefers to use them to strangle his opponents more often than not. Should the talons be destroyed or the strings be cut, their reishi dissipates and returns to him to reform - the same happens to his wings, though depending on the extension of the damage this can take longer.

    Segunda Etapa:
    Not yet attained.
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