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    Murkus Morister

    "Because dammit, Murkus should have a character named after him too."

    Alias: None.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Gerabins, or Gabz. Offshoot of humans.

    Age: Late 30s

    Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Neutral/Lawful Evil

    Class/Profession: History Professor/Explorer, former agent of an alternate Nazi SS and psionic supersoldier.

    Power Rating: I'm not sure for this one. If you really need to know if you can take him or not, check out the abilities section.

    Description: Murkus is tall, of a wiry build and thin body. His visible short hair is a dirty black. His limbs are best described as long and gangly. His skin is dim, navy blue.

    Covering his face almost perpetually is a grey-green metal mask, glass eye-holes and ridged plate covering any features. Five tubes, two on each side of the mask and one at the bottom, lead beneath this shirt and out of sight. Whether these are necessary for his survival is unknown, though it gives his voice a distinct, sometimes cough-like, echo. He also has a German-esque accent. Not a particularly heavy one, but significantly noticeable.

    Personality: Regretful, perhaps. He is sorry for what he did while still with the SS, and appalled at the lengths he went to in advancing himself. Where once he was sociable and outgoing, he's now quiet and contemplative.

    Murkus is a perfectionist. He seeks for every object to be in its proper place, every person doing their job. If something seems wrong, he will go to great lengths to fix it. Similarly, if there is even a small chance of something going wrong in a plan or device, he'll do everything in his power to eliminate that chance. He prefers to make one, nearly flawless plan rather than several contingency plans.

    As a way of making up for all that he's done, Murkus seeks to perform as many public services as he can. He donates to charities, does little good deeds, and is polite as possible to the rest of the world.

    He is also, however, very lonely. That's one large part of the reason he turned from evil: it ends only with loneliness. That's how it always ends. And for those villains who are more human than others, this can become a real downer.

    Finally, he does not like combat. In fact, he hates it. Violence sickens him, nowadays. He will fight to defend himself, but if there is any possible way he can avoid violence, he will. He may even resort to cowardice, if it is not a case of other people in danger. Even now, however, he deals with selfishness. To save his life or anothers... this is the question he must face. In the end, which would matter? Which would be 'better'? And better how? Which would be 'better': violence for morally good reasons, or pacifism?

    I'll probably add more later. I've just been putting things together the best I can.

    Equipment: Most commonly: history texts. The man loves his history. He often jogs, too, so you might occasionally find him jogging about in a red hoodie and grey sweat-pants. He might also carry things that you would expect a regular person to have.

    Besides these, he does keep things at home from his days as an SS officer. For instance, a shotgun and a submachine gun, both highly advanced. (As you may have already guessed, he was not with the normal Nazis of our Earth. I'll explain his planet and background another time). He keeps his black trenchcoat-esque uniform, as well as the highly specialized body armor that came with it. Included with this armor and uniform was an extensive piece of headgear, an armored version of his helmet/gasmask for use in toxic or extremely dangerous locales. Why does he keep this? To remind him of what he did, and what he needs to make up for. He prays, too, that he will never be forced to use the weapons again.

    Finally, he also has a sword, a khopesh-esque weapon with SS insignias and a magical aura of death. It is a specialized weapon, designed to cut through magical and psionic powers and energies to destroy any such mutants who would appose the Nazi regime. It is stained with the blood of a great many innocents. This weapon was known as a Lügner Mörder, or in a literal translation, "Liar Killer". Besides this sword, he carries a number of technological or magical artifacts that the SS found useful, allowing them to combat, comprehend or defend against a wide variety of foes. These will probably be described IC.

    Abilities: Though he is quite out of practice, Murkus is a battle-hardened warrior, trained in the fires of one of the darkest empires the Multiverse has yet to witness. He wields skills that were once razor-sharp, now dulled by years of disuse. Skills with firearms and his blade.

    He also possesses powers: latent psionic abilities granted by what Hietler (alter-Hitler) would have once called "his status as a member of the master race". He can damage the minds of others, breaking them in two if he tries hard enough. Induce mental disabilities. Driving them quite mad. With practice, he could regain his telekinetic powers.

    And then he would be quite a bit more dangerous. Of course, he is just as out of practice with these abilities as his combat skills.

    Might be more, stuff pertaining to magical or historic knowledge. For now, that's good.

    Backstory: I'm lazy, so this will come later.
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