The moonstones could've happened to anybody. That first vein of galena was just pure chance. The second one, struck when digging out the kitchen, was a geological oddity. The third one, the one he found just a few feet into the planned quarry, was just impossible. Jahjah stopped his work, headed outside and, muttering curses under his nose, headed across the valley.

"It's ridiculous, is what it is," he complained much later, when a good portion of the surrounding hillsides have been deprived of their snow and soil cover and the others, after practically dragging him back inside were trying to force some hot stew into him. "Absolutely nonsensical."
"Sure it is," Celes patted his back comfortingly, "almost as ridiculous as our only miner almost freezing to death from playing in the snow all day."
"I mean, there's galena all over the place," Jahjah started counting on his frostbitten fingers. "Horn silver just east of our camp, limonite deposits in the streambed, and there's so much magnetite in the western slopes, that if we had any iron, I don't think we could keep a hold on any of it. I'm sure I saw a tetrahedrite vein in there somewhere. And get this, there's not one, but two coal veins just across the stream. And I'm not even counting all the gemstones just lying around!"
"That's all very nice and all, but if you don't start eating now, I'm going to force this stew into you through the other end. Along with the bowl."

The threat worked - for about three spoonfulls worth.

"And that's just the stuff one the surface. When I think about what we'll run into once we dig deeper into the rock - or lower... There's years, decades, centuries worth of ore here," the miner shook his head. "Where does it all come from? Back home we'd dig for months before running into something, and that something was usually microline. Here I just need to swing my pick in a random direction. It's not right."
"Jahjah, Mersethzuglar had been around for a long time," Obadiah said gently. "It's only natural that ore would run scarce. And new outposts usually do have abundant resources close by. That's the main reason anyone founds them."
"But it's not right," Jahjah repeated, shaking his head again. "It's just too much."