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    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human, at least outwardly.
    Age: Appears to be in his mid-20s.
    Alignment: Who knows by know. Chaotic Neutral but profoundly hedonistic?
    Class/Profession: Layabout/Rogue
    Power Rating: D+, practically. Up to B- in the past.
    Description: The Moff is on the short and wiry side of average. He has unremarkable brown hair and eyes, but his hair does tend to be a tad long and shaggy. The Moff has abandoned his uniform and now dresses with slightly less variety, but no less eccentricity. Mostly, he just looks like a colorblind slob.
    Personality: The Moff is lazy. He doesn't particularly like extended physical exertion, and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Mental exertion is fine in his book, though, and he seems to gain a good deal of pleasure from debating and bargaining. He's cheap, but his flair for the grandiose and appreciation for artistry has him spending plenty of money. Since returning to Nexus, he's gone, as it were, off the deep end. Not all there. Bat-sh*t. Whatever you want to call it.
    Equipment: The Moff usually contents himself with large amounts of cash, although he generally has his fair share of strange trinkets. He's the holder of two objects, Synchronicity and The Cost, although he doesn't use them anymore. What ever happened to them?
    Abilities: The Moff's had a fairly wide array of strange powers in the past, and whether he's simply stopped using them or he's actually lost them is anyone's guess. Strange events and surreal phenomenon surround him constantly, but they don't necessarily appear to be his fault.
    Backstory: The Moff has been loitering around Nexus for a few years; no one knows (and neither does he, to be entirely honest) where he was before. He tends to disappear for months and years at a time; no one has bothered to find out where and why.
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