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    Faction Profile: Cult of Dalachrech

    Reformed Temple of Dalachrech- Inside
    This building resembles most of the other terraced houses on this road, consisting of three floors, a small front garden, a front door and the same number of windows. However, unlike the other houses, the red front door has a knocker shaped like a two-tailed scorpion and also a sign post in the middle of the lawn. The sign is shaped as a two-tailed scorpion, and proudly states that this is the oldest Temple of Dalachrech in the Nexus, and home to the faithful in this city.

    Attached Clergy
    Terrowin of Xela's Howe, the Divine Cockroach, the Living Prophet, High Priest of Dalachrech and head of the congregation.
    Destur Spritesson, gnome cleric of Dalachrech.
    Jorje Hargonnen, human cleric of Dalachrech.
    Gertrude de la Moy, 1/16th giant human cleric of Dalachrech; holds a minor noble title (Madame).
    Lauretta, human cleric of Dalachrech played by happyturtle. (Deadtimed)
    Samantha, spectre Novitiate of Dalachrech played by Gulaghar. (Deadtimed)
    Fade, a fade Novitiate of Dalachrech played by Zefir. Left.

    Orthodox Hermitage of Dalachrech- Outside
    A vast door forged by a long-vanished race blocks the entrance to this old mine; the door is made of a mysterious, bronze-coloured metal that nobody knows how to make any more. The mine itself is in the side of a tall mountain, hidden in a cleft in the mountainside. Beyond the door is a large chamber decorated with dilapidated mining equipment, piles of rubble and old mine carts; passage further in appears to be blocked by a cave-in, but in fact that pile of rubble was engineered and there's a carefully concealed tunnel through it to deter explorers.

    This location was chosen for its isolation. Please PM me before you turn up at the door.

    Attached Clergy:
    Elezibethele, elvish Head Priestess of Dalachrech and Mistress of the Hermitage.
    Azurelle D'Langley, aasimar Grand Mistress of the Order of the Centipede, a knightly order devoted to Dalachrech.
    Kail, human student of Dalachrech, aiming to join the Order of the Centipede rather than the clergy; played by Harnel.
    Toy, human Trainee of Dalachrech, aiming to join the Order of the Centipede; played by The Alexandrian.

    Neo-Reformed Temple of Dalachrech- Riverside, Northside Bugside/Southside
    The large termite mound is now the largest structure in this part of Southside, and the internal hollows are large enough now that the clergy have moved in. There's a large, reinforced wooden door at the front of the Temple that now stands open from dawn until dusk, and a sign post bearing the two-tailed scorpion of Dalachrech emblazoned in red upon a black background upon it. The Temple in Northside hasn't been abandoned; the cult has converted it into a homeless shelter with enough room for thirty five people inside and meals provided by the Cult.

    Attached Clergy:
    Defelent A'dam, tiefling High Priest of Dalachrech.
    Omid Janni cleric of Dalachrech.
    Narahar the Twice Martyred half-elf cleric of Dalachrech.
    Cassidy, Ritter of Sznovf and member of NO, human cleric of Dalachrech. Played by Rotting Baron.
    Shanaya of NO, a Novice of Dalachrech. Played by Mahonri Violinist.

    Chthonic Temple of Dalachrech- Underside
    A selection of spider-silk cocoons tied to the ceiling of a large tunnel just outside the Undercity, to the West specifically. They are easy to spot; the structure is covered in glowing dog-sized beetles. There are two ways up, a silk rope ladder leading into one of the larger cocoons and a lift, consisting of a dried mushroom flesh platform attached to spider silk ropes. A bronze bell is nearby, likely to let those within the Temple know that somebody wants to use the lift. Beneath the Temple is a massive mosaic made of small tiles depicting a two-tailed scorpion, though there's no light to see it by.

    Attached Clergy:
    Charynrae Baeld'alachrech, drider High Priestess of Dalachrech
    Will, Rayaat'Tyr Novitiate of Dalachrech played by C'nor. (Probably deadtimed)

    Ranks: Student (learning basics of religion and Abyssal, no secret rites known; addressed as Student), Novitiate (loyalty proven, learning how to channel their faith into spells and armed from the Temple Armoury; addressed as Novice), Cleric (written their personal prayer book, good at casting spells; addressed as Reverend), High Priest (communes directly with Dalachrech, capable of summoning demons, master of a Temple/Hermitage; addressed as High Priest/Your Holiness).

    Branches of the Faith:
    Reformed: This branch of the Faith has been around the longest, and its High Priest is the progenitor of all the other branches. However, in order to adapt to the political climate of Inside, Terrowin surrendered the traditional practice of keeping Temple Slaves. Sapient sacrifice has not been practised here, though forced conversion has and the equipment used for that is still present and used for other things.
    Middling: This branch was originally founded in another city, however when that Town fell to the depredations of Deadtime Ooze, its clergy moved elsewhere. They kept Temple Slaves, traditionally illiterate and without tongues, though they don't practice sapient sacrifice to suit the tastes of the local population. The Slaves were released after a visit by NO.
    Chthonic: This branch is the only one whose clergy has not ever owed fealty as clerics under Terrowin, and Charynrae converted to Dalachrechianism on her own. They practice slavery, but life in Underside is hard, so do not practice sapient sacrifice. The slaves kept here have not had their tongues removed, though their literacy has never been questioned.
    Orthodox: This branch is extremely secretive and cloistered, primarily practised by ettercaps, aranea, Falmer, thri-kreen and other creatures whose link to invertebrates is very primal. They practice slavery, though haven't muted their Temple Slaves, and are the only branch which offers sapients in the traditional manner- a brainbeetle larvae placed on the foot.
    Order of the Centipede: A holy order of warriors sworn to protect all Dalachrechians, regardless of their personal spiritual alignment. The Grand Mistress supports slavery; however this is a personal view and not necessarily that of the organisation as a whole. It is their duty to defend the clerics and temples from unbelievers, and to stay out of any factional squabbling between the other branches unless they are directly commanded by Dalachrech to intervene, in a vision that will be shared between all the paladins within to ascertain its authenticity. That vision is the Will of Dalachrech, and represents official doctrine on the conflict.
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