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    Cornelia S. Walsh

    Alias/Nicknames: The Devil of Cagalt Pass, Nelia, Squash

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Half-elf

    Age: Mid forties.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Evil/Good/Dunno

    Class/Profession: Gunfighter/Former Smith/Gardener

    Power Rating: D+. Though easily scaleable, considering her level of skill.

    Description: Cornelia is a woman of no particular height, of rather pale skin. She's remarkably muscular, with a tone core and thick smith's arms, which may detract from her femininity. A vibrant tattoo of a pink rose sits on her chest. An ink-ring of similar, tiny roses and thorns wrap around her right wrist and left ankle.

    More notably, there's a moderate surgical scar down one of her sides, among a few other gouges around her torso. A curved cut dances down the outside of her left thigh. The gunslinger's fingers are caliced and hardened at the tips, having long ago lost their soft touch. She's missing about half of the middle finger on her left hand.

    Above all this, the first thing most people are bound to notice is her face. It is a well-worn and, in places, violently scarred. Her eyes glimmer a pretty shade of hazel. Her nose is brutalized and crooked, bent violently inward. There's a minor mark where a stitch-scar once was.

    A huge, curved scar travels around one side of her face, though it has been made smaller by recent medical treatment. The edge of the other cheek, around the jaw, is dented inward somewhat, likely reconstructed after a gunshot wound.

    Her chin is somewhat rounded and pretty, though it has mild damage to the cleft. It was far worse before she got herself fixed up.

    Her fine, delicate hair is a bleached white, a result of mystical trauma she experienced long ago. The woman typically does it up in a pair of braids dangling from either side of her head. She has nearly flawless white teeth, due to the dental perks of her new job. One large chunk of her left ear is missing, and from her right ear a small, dirty gold earring dangles.

    Personality: The gunslinger is uncivilized, or at least less civilized than many of the people in the Nexus. She's not exactly crude, at least not usually, but she's not used to many of the modern or magical conveniences available. She's an old-fashioned buzzard too: she'll tend to avoid using technology that's above the era where she was born. Even if it's higher performance, she'd prefer her gun to a laser rifle.

    Cornelia isn't a stingy fellow. In fact, some would say she has a bit of a gambling problem. The half-elf's been known to blow a year's pay in one sitting if she's not careful. Of course, she's not too bad at cards...

    The gunslinger's a bit pugnacious, too, a real scrapper: she'll fight anyone who wants to fight, argue with anyone who wants to argue, and arm-wrestle with anyone who wants to arm-wrestle. Easily angered and offended, this woman is.

    Cornelia believes that all is pre-destined. She believes in inevitability. If something was meant to happen, it will happen. Cornelia believes that a all things have a proper place, a proper piece that fits in one great puzzle. Herself included.

    She has some deeper emotional problems with her age and current lack of suitors. It's been her dream for some time now to find a man who can accept how she looks.

    Oh, she has a habit of whistling, though it typically sounds a bit... off due to her lips being bent down at one end.

    And... that's about it. Once again, probably more to come later.


    Besides her clothes, Cornelia possesses:

    -A single ornate revolver, very lengthy barrel. Six shots, looks about .38 or .40 cal. The gun has a strange design, at least in comparison to regular pistols. The barrel is thin, the weapon delicate and decorated with swirly etchings. Her surname is scratched into the bottom of the grip.
    -A bandolier.
    -A few types of special bullets.
    -A single, steel locket that she wears as a necklace.
    -Anything else I think of later. Probably traveller's gear. Maybe an instrument.
    -A touchpad device, much like an iPad, from the Church of Deus Mechanicus.
    -A tiny robot helper from the same place. He needs winding every so often.

    Abilities: She can do some truly spectacular things with a pistol.

    Cornelia also knows how to conduct minor ritual magic, and read certain runes. She has something of a sixth sense, which includes her once blinded eye.

    And that's all for now. May or may not add later.

    Oh! She's a smith too!

    And has recently taken a passion for gardening!

    Backstory: To come later.
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