Name: Neva Weitak
Age: Looks about 30
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Neva stands at 5'4" tall. She has red hair that falls to just above her chin in length. Her eyes are a deep gray in color. She wears brown boots, white cloth pants, a simple tan shirt with the sleeves cut off, a black leather belt that is set at an angle, and leather bracers on her arms. She also usually wears traditional Jedi robes over top the ensemble.

She is slightly short-tempered on certain issues, but over all she is calm. She tends to avoid most conflict. Unless it's pertaining to certain issues that she will not stand for. For instance, she will not fight somebody who cannot fight back. And she is very adamant about other people doing it.

She is a very firm believer in the honor of battle. There are certain things she simply will never do in a fight, no matter what. Like attack unarmed opponents. Or sneak-attacks. She'd sneak up to a person, and then announce her presence before fighting. But she won't attack them without them knowing that she's attacking.

Neva is a Jedi Knight. As such, she is very skilled with a lightsaber. And as with all Jedi, she has custom made her own.

Neva utilizes dual lightsabers. The hilts have a slight curve to them. They are silver, with the activation button being red. The blades are a pale blue color. The bottom of each one is a little different. They both have a set of threads, like on a screw. One has outer threads, and one has inner.

This is because Neva has made them so she can put them together and use them like a lightstaff, though, because of their curved hilts, the blades aren't in a line with each other.

As a Jedi Knight, Neva is fairly skilled with the Force. However, as her main focus is on lightsabers and battle, most of her Force abilities are related to this.

Force Jump
Force Push
Force Dash
Lightsaber Throw
Force Shield
Force Hold
Force Blast
Force Pull

Neva has a small, single person fighter. It is based off of the standard Jedi fighter, but has been modified. Her last astro droid for it was blasted about a year ago, and she hasn't replaced it yet.

Currently, it is embedded into the forest floor, not too far away from Inside.