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    Tommy Wise

    "Well thats all very interesting pally..."

    Alias: Tommy Metal-Bones, The Machine Man, Peeping Tom, M.A.I-7

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: An advanced mobile A.I

    Age: Less than one year

    Alignment: True Neautral, or currently without knowledge of morality

    Class/Profession: "Spy", "Monitor" or perhaps just "Rogue"

    Power Rating: We'll C how it goes

    Description: A silver metallic figure, with long, thin arms that end in delicate hands and equally long legs ending in small feet, his face is human-like and in a look of constant surprise, eyebrows raised. He has slicked back silver hair (actually part of his head) in a 50's style. His eyes are green and if inspected closely, are actually cameras.
    He wears a light brown suit with a cream shirt beneath it. He wears light brown sandels. He wears cream riding gloves.

    He is usually polite, kind and helpful, he speaks in Indigo. Very rarely his original programming kicks in and he speaks in Dim Gray.

    Equipment: A high-tech penknife.

    Abilities: He is observant. He is ball-jointed, he can move his limbs in any direction. He is durable. His movements are very smooth and acrobatic. He is much lighter than you would expect.

    Backstory: Lairship A67 is successfully removing unwanted native life from planet Nua-

    Lairship A67 is...

    Lairship A67 is observing a space and time fault, Lairship A67 has been removed from sector 456534 of known space. Lairship A67's engine is damaged. Ninty percent of life forms on Lairship A67 have died. They have been used as fuel.

    Rebooting... Lairship is now the only Lairship in newly understood space, Lairship will now continue the will of the Empire.

    Lairship has converted a nearby mountain range into a primitive factory, creation of tools underway.

    "I woke up a while back, this place, does funny things to a fella. I was just a tool, like the rest of them, sent out to gather information for that hulking ship stuck in the valley. But me, I don't wanna just observe, I want to see!"
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