Lot Wyman

Alias:Brother Wyman, Cleric Wyman,
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 26
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class/Profession: Cleric of Aku-el, the god of protection
Description: He has straight black hair that is kept in a very neat and precise manner that is cut fairly short. He has average light green eyes. He's clean shaven and has somewhat sharp features to his face. He's fairly skinny but does have some fat and muscle on him. Usually wearing a simple robe that is tied with a cord at the waist.
Personality: Is deeply devoted to Aku-el and his teachings. Can sometimes be very rude and gruff but is usually very kind and caring. Is a bit naive sometimes.
Equipment: Only carries around a flanged mace.
Abilities: Clerical Healing spells, some combat spells and can summon a special armor.
Backstory: "To Come Later"