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    The Black Huntsman, Zamiel
    Gender: Male
    Age: Very old.
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Reiatsu: Very dark red in color, feels like heat of a hellish furnace.
    Theme song!

    Appearance: Zamiel wreathes himself in a cloak black as coal. Under it, he wears an iron chainmail, completed with blackened iron greaves and gauntlets and heavy, armored boots. His face is always obscured by somekind of mask, it's exact desing depending on who summons him - sometimes, it's a leather hood with antlers of an elk, while in Japan, it's usually a black Hannya mask. Only his dark red eyes, gleaming like burning embers, are visible through it. When called forth, Zamiel is usually armed with a simple longsword made of fine steel, and a bow of some kind.

    Personality: Few persons can truly be said to know Zamiel. To his prey, he's mostly known for his single-minded determination to hunt them to the ends of earth; to those who call for him to help, he's known for his reliability and honor. If, for some reason, he can't complete a task given to him, he will return the price paid to him at summoning twofold.

    Zamiel rarely speaks, instead preferring to use some form of telepathy, conveying the conditions of his service or doom of his prey as feelings or images instead of discernible words. He is not mute, though, and can be heard cursing in German every once in a while, in a hoarse voice that resembles rattling of a great bonfire. This usually has to do with antics of his steed.

    Background: Zamiel's background is shrouded in myths. He's old, and has been around for at least five centuries. In Europe, myriad legends abound that tell of a similar figure, but whether Zamiel is the one that sparked those is an open question. To Shinigami of Japan, he's known from some ancient Kido chants, which also call upon a Black Rider to come and claim the souls of their enemies.

    Incidentally enough, Zamiel can be summoned forth by some Ealaín of the Fae, or Kido of the Shinigami. These spells require for the caster to barter a part of their lifeforce (Reiryoku) or something else of value for the Huntsman's services. They are very obscure, and have been forbidden at some points of history. How or why Zamiel has the power to be summoned like this is a mystery.


    Supreme swordsman: During his long life, Zamiel has perfected his mastery over the blade, putting some of Seireitei's captains to shame. Indeed, coming to blows with him is ill-advised. He lacks the advantage of a near-indestructible personal weapon, though.

    Deadly Shot:
    Zamiel has great skill in archery, and can hit his target from far away even in dark of the night. He can also use modern firearms with frightening skill, though he does not carry such weapons on his person.

    Demonic Endurance: Once the Huntsman is on your heels, he will not quit. He feels no thirst or hunger in the mortal sense, and will not grow tired in pursuit for his prey. While some can outrun him, none can outlast him. Most are best served by just confronting him, for good or for ill.

    Inhuman strenght & speed:
    By human standards, Zamiel is extraordinaly strong, capable of punching through reinforced concrete and uprooting small trees with his bare hands. He can also outrun an ostrich, though he can't stand on air on his own and can't use Shunpo or equivalent. His reflexes are quick enough to keep up with most other spiritual creatures who can, though

    Masterful tracker: From his nose to his ability to sense Reiatsu, Zamiel's senses are top-notch. He also has centuries of experience for finding hiding game, and knows most tricks his prey could use. He also apparently sees in dark.

    Rudimentary Ealaín: somehow, Zamiel has learned some chants of the Fae, and can use some low-level Girserusu. He can, for example, turn invisible, dispel some weak wards and bind the arms and legs of a captured target.

    Doll: Der Schwarze Schlachtross (The Black Warhorse)

    In its sealed form, Der Schwarze Schlachtross is a plain gold ring.

    When released, it takes the form of a mighty black stallion, its eyes blazing with hellfire and its hooves leaving black scorchmarks to the ground. It's hooves are strong as diamonds, and it can kick through average Numeros level Hierro with ease. It's mane is composed of dark smoke, and its breath reeks of sulphur. It is positively satanic in bearing.

    It acts like an ordinary horse. In other words, when its owner is not intent on keeping it calm, its a frickin' scaredy-cat. It jumps at loud noises, sudden motions and what have you. When Zamiel isn't paying attention, it is happy to trot somewhere and munch on tasty grass. It can also be distracted by carrots or cubes of sugar. Still, it is loyal, and will quickly head back at the call of its master - most of the time.


    Schneller als der Wind (Faster than the wind):
    Der Schwarze Schlachtross is extremely fast, and can leave a practiced user of Shunpo standing in the dust with its gallop. It can run across water or air, unhindered by natural obstacles. It can't turn very quickly when going at top speeds, though.

    Atem des Feuers (Breath of Fire):
    the horse can spit out a torrent of flames when threatened. This has range of roughly 30 feet and has the destructive power of a low-end Cero. There'd better not be anything flammable nearby, though.

    Mähne des Feuers (Mane of Fire)

    When fusing with his doll, Zamiel grows in height to that of his steed when it stands on its hindlegs, reaching the height of 12 feet. His feet turn to metal hooves, and his armor and mask seem to melt into his skin, becoming like second skin. He gains long, flowing mane and tail made of living flame and his cloak turns into a shroud of thick, black smoke. His Reiatsu pours out as a raging torrent, creating immense heat around him. Just standing within 10 feet from him is painful - any closer will start to singe one's skin and eyes and might cause clothes to catch fire.

    While bonded, Zamiel's speed increases greatly, and he can run on all fours to move as fast as Der Schwarze Schlachtross. His strenght and durability also increase, and he can summon forth a flaming sword, or a whip to entagle his foes. These are not his greatest weapons, however - his hooves are. While bonded, his feet and legs are tough enough from knees down to deflect Zanpakuto blows without injury, and hard enough to leave a mark on hardest Hierro. He can deliver tremendous kicks with them, shattering bones and sending tougher enemies flying through obstructions.


    Atem der Hölle (Breath of Hell):
    While bonded, Zamiel's mouth becomes like crack of a volcano, and he can spit out a jet of molten stone up to 60 feet. In addition to being hot enough to make most things catch flame, it strikes his foe with great force and if cooled down can encase someone in black stone - if the target is still alive. Overall, this attack's destructive force is equal to high-end Cero.

    Summonable by: Wu Wei 80: "Harry the wind, ye masked Rider of Black Fortune. Ride the east leg, travel the west peak, climb the north wall and find the ironsand of the south! Seek forth that black dog, and force it to face itself!" The spell cannot be completed without candle imbued with a drop of the user's blood, placed upon a window sill at night. The Huntsman will appear when the chant is completed, and his arrival is signified by the candle lighting itself. After this, the chanter has to represent his offer and payment to the Huntsman during the time it takes for the candle to burn out. Once he accepts, Zamiel will extinquish the candle, after which he'll leave to complete the duty.

    Zaraki Nasumi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 (Approximation)
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 190 lbs.
    Hair: Light Magenta - yes, it's her natural color.
    Skin: Pale
    Eyes: Heterochromic - one eye is blue while other is golden.
    Reiatsu: Clear when not holding Shinkagenja.
    Rank: Unseated - switching from division to division.


    Nasumi has a curious quality in that she can appear very meek and small, despite being huge in actual size. It is, due to some trick of the spirit world, possible to think you're talking to a little girl, and not a woman who towers above many grown men. It's likely a combination of her girly face, childish emotiveness, and her high-pitched, shy voice.

    Despite her height, Nasumi is very robust in build, and has lots of muscle with a healthy layer of fat on top. Her feminine curves are something she's not really got used to, and she's easily teased and flustered about them. She tries to hide them by tying her chest with tight Sarashi and wearing an oversized Shihakusho, which frankly makes her look ludicrous, considering how big she is already.

    Nasumi is best described as an open book - if you can't read her emotions from her face, you're either blind or daft. Her big, mismatched eyes shine with naive enthusiasm when she's happy, her face becomes red as a strawberry at the slightest hint of shame, and when she's angry, it's as obvious as a closing typhoon. It's easy to trigger different emotions in her, though she's quick to return to calm, dopey cheerfulness.

    She's friend to all living things - all manners of beasts, from small rodents to great predators and even weak animal hollows, seem to instinctively like him, and act surprisingly calm around her. Nasumi sometimes forgets the beasts don't necessarily extend this behaviour to others, and she has caused some... incidents due to this. To an extent, she has this effect on other humans as well, and this quality lead to her internship in 10th.

    Nasumi is a big fan of Mortal literature and movies, especially horror. She thinks ghost stories and like are great comedy, though she thinks it's sad the "cuddly beasties" so often die in the end.

    Dozens, if not hundreds of people arrive to Rukongai every day, from all over Japan and nearby areas. As such, the place, especially the outer districts are prone to all sorts of weird incidents. Nasumi was one of those incidents.

    She was, or at least appeared as, four-year-old when she came to the district known as Zaraki, looking for her daddy. A magenta-haired girl with mismatched eyes might have raised an eyebrow, but odder things happen in the outer districts; what really caught everyone's eye was a sword longer than Nasumi was tall, that the child dragged around and cheerfully called "Shin-Chan". The sword soon earned her, or rather, itself the nickname of "Little Devil".

    You see, even as a kid, Nasumi had vast reserves of spiritual power, and it caused her Zanpakuto to manifest early, and, even worse, as one of rare permanent release types. Considering its powers, it caused... all manners of trouble before 10th captured Nasumi and took her sword from her. Of course, the small girl threw a tantrum about this - several tantrums, actually. Of course, she wasn't any real threat to trained Shinigami, but all the biting and scratching did make the situation a game of "no, YOU take her" between the diligent police officers.

    Seeing that it would've been too dangerous to leave her untrained, one of the officers asked his family to take Nasumi into custody. Drilling manners to her head proved to be one hell of a bother, and eventually the matriarch of the family decided to renounce her adoption and send her to an orphanage. Nasumi, who'd grown quite fond of "Baba-san", was quite shocked at this, even though the reasons went over her head. Subsequently, she tamed quite a lot, to avoid being thrown off again.

    Nasumi entered the academy at the age of 11, and her sword was also returned, now accompanied with a special sheath to keep the "accursed thing" from causing unwitting problems. Initially, Nasumi was the smallest on her class - even some noble prodigies younger than her were taller or more developed. She was picked on quite a lot due to this, and after losing her temper once she was nearly expelled.

    Then, she started to grow, and my did she grow! At the age of 15, she was taller than many adult students, and quite confused about it. Now she was picked on because she was the largest - go figure. Fortunately (or maybe not), Shinkagenja's power grew at nearly the same rate, and as Nasumi resumed her old habit of playing with it and showing of its abilities to everyone (interested or not), her bullies gave up. Which Nasumi thought of as odd, really, as she only showed it to them as sign of good will. Clearly, other people can't appreciate how cuddly it is.

    Nasumi graduated with mediocre scores, and spend a year in the 6th, honing her skills for future assignments. Here, it was noticed she had soothing effect to some more rash or violent inviduals, and thus they suggested her an internship in 10th. Her last year was spend in Maggot's nest, as a prison cook and warden; she was suprisingly unfazed by the bleak environment, in fact, she seemed to like it there. She did quite well, though she gained some black marks for being too affectionate towards prisoners, especially certain Hannibal Magalhães. Currently, she's back to 6th, and wondering about an internship in 3rd...

    Zanpakuto: Shinkagenja 実化賢者 (R"eality-warping sage")
    Shinkagenja looks, at a glance, like a chipped nodachi. However, it only seems to be half there, and flickers constantly with a multitude of colors, appearing to even change material from metal to bone to flesh every once in a while. Looking at it long enough can cause nausea and the feeling there's something horribly wrong with the world. The sword is permanent release type and kept at bay by a pitch black sheath imbued by small traces of seki-seki. It spews forth clouds of its Shikai ability immediatly after drawn.

    Inner World:
    A black mountain rising from a frozen sea amidst eternal darkness, with forests of dead trees dotting the mountainside. Inside of the mountain is riddled with dark tunnels and caverns, twisted black vines decorating the walls. They seem aware and possessing of some malicious intent, and they reach forward to entangle passersby when they're not looking. Nasumi's opinion on them is that "they tickle", and she considers them rather funny.

    Zanpakuto spirit:
    Shinkagenja's spirit is a humongous, serpentine dragon coiled in a vast black cage in the heart of the mountain. It hates it there, and chews its own tail in frustration. It's eyes are like gates to the fires of hell, and it's scales glimmer in thousand sickening colors when light is cast upon it. It is a whimsical and dangerous creature, and usually openly hostile towards anyone but Nasumi.

    General abilities:

    Rudimentary Zanjutsu: Nasumi has basic techniques of swordmanship at hand, though she relies on special abilities of her zanpakuto more.

    Good Hakuda: Nasumi is skilled in unarmed combat, to the extent she was allowed to move alone in Maggot's Nest. She hasn't squeezed out most of her natural reach or weight advantages, but she is exceedingly stong and has stopped grown men dead on their tracks. She's also a very mean kicker.

    Practiced Hoho:
    Nasumi doesn't know Shunpo or airwalking, but she's a very fast runner and decently agile. However, her growth spurt was sudden, dramatic and ended only recently. Thus, she's not accustomed to her own height, and has a tendency to hit her head on door frames and such when lost in thought.

    Rudimentary Kido: Nasumi can use Hado up to level 5 and Bakudo up to level 10. She also has some knowledge of Healing Arts, for first aid uses.

    Massive Spiritual Power: Nasumi's reserves of Reiryoku are awe-inspiringly vast, and her Reiatsu can make people flinch miles away when she's mad. Clearly, she has great potential in her. However, most of that potential is unrealized as of now.

    Cook from Hell:
    Nasumi likes cooking. However, her idea of 'food' is clearly different from that of rest of the world. In prison, it took some time before she learned to make food that the inmates actually agreed to eat. Even when sticking mostly to accepted recipes, she has the tendency to add some spices of her own, so the food isn't "bland". Nasumi is, against all logic, very proud of her cooking, and can get violently angry if it is insulted. (She became smitten with Hannibal because he had the "good" sense to praise her, um, creations.)

    As Shinkagenja is constantly released, it does not have a real release command. Doesn't stop Nasumi from shouting whatever comes to her mind when she draws it.

    Shinkagenja constantly spews forth clouds of different colors. When Nasumi was a kid, there were only two colors - now there are seven. When Nasumi is calm, the clouds form rings around her, reminscent of rings of Saturn. When she's angry, the clouds create a turmoiling swirl of colors, forming a large, serpentine torrent around her. Nasumi can direct the clouds by focusing, or by waving her hands for increased speed.

    Each cloud overrides or warps one natural law, giving the area within a surreal bent. In shikai, the effects of the clouds don't mix; darker colored clouds are denser than lighter ones and push them away at contact. Each cloud is large enough to subsume two human-sized targets at once. Nasumi can make a cloud to "stick" on a specific target. All alterations naturally affect Nasumi as well.

    White cloud: Makes cold hot, and hot cold. The ability uses +20 Celsius degrees as turning point, so +30 C would become +10 C, and -20 C would become +60 C. When extremely high temperatures are involved (read: fire attacks), the cloud assumes weird qualities. If hit by heat well in excess of +200 C, it freezes solid - this doesn't kill anyone inside it, just traps them for the time it takes for the heat to abate. The cloud does not affect body temperatures.

    Yellow cloud:
    makes all colors within it, or viewed through it, show as negatives. This is relatively easy to get used to, though initially it can be distracting. It can also make discerning other clouds harder.

    Orange cloud: makes sounds show as colors in one's vision, and colors sound as voices, on top of of normal sensing. For someone experiencing this effect first time, this can be very nauseating and disorienting, especially what comes to loud sounds.

    Green cloud: tilts gravity 90 degrees to the side within it, causing people within it to fall against walls and such. This has some mundane usage in increasing mobility. Airwalkers can, of course, stop their fall midair.

    Red cloud: alters how things smell and taste, as well as increasing air-pressure, making it harder to breath. Most notably, it makes water taste like dry sand, and air smell like blood.

    Blue cloud: alters tangibility of certain objects. Liquids become so solid you can stand on them, while solid objects become like jello, and you can push through them harmlesly within the cloud.

    Brown cloud: Increases force required to move threefold, slowing down people and objects within it. The general feeling reminds wading through mud. This can be used to aid strenght training, or to dampen oncoming blows.

    Iridescent cloud:
    When Nasumi's rage causes the clouds to mix, the resulting torrent is a semi-physical force that can lash out like whip up to 50 feet to cause a physical blow roughly equal to low-end Cero in power. It can't engulf anyone and doesn't carry the bizarre effects of separated clouds.

    To be acquired later:

    Sekai wo musaboru Bakemono 「世界を貪る化物」 (World Devouring Monster)

    In bankai, all the clouds fuse into one, black sphere with radius of 50 feet. Inside this sphere, Nasumi can freely decide which alterations of her Shikai are in effect, potentially turning the whole area into nightmare acid land. She decides the initial rules when releasing her bankai, after which re-arranging one rule takes a second of focusing. She can also uncoil the sphere to a semi-physical black serpent that can strike enemy as far as 200 feet with power equal to average Cero.


    : Male
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6'7" to 10'8"
    Weight: 330 lbs.
    Hair: Transparent
    Eyes: Transparent
    Reiatsu/Speech Color: Golden, like light of an old lamppost
    Aspect of Death: Oblivion
    Theme music!

    Appearance: A fairly ordinary, steel lamppost.

    At will, San can turn back to a humanoid form, though he usually only does so to protect Gwen. His humanoid form looks like a set of bonewhite plate armor with a palm-sized hole through the chest. The helmet (or mask) is completely plain and featureless, with a part of it diagonally cut off where it should cover the left eye and upper left quarter of the head. "Should" is a keyword here, as there often is nothing there. The whole suit seems to be empty, moving on its own accord. When san is angry, his Reiatsu will glow from the gaps of his armor, making it look like there's a fire burning inside, but unless he wishes otherwise, that's it.

    In the odd case he feels like dispelling his invisibility, San will look like a young, albino male, bleak apathy governing his face. He always remains somewhat transparent, so when angry, his body becomes transilluminated by his inner glow.

    Personality: Lamppost-san doesn't talk much. In fact, in company of creatures other than Gwen, it doesn't talk at all. It does radiate vaguely amorous feelings whenever the female Arrancar is nearby though.

    Before he met Gwen, San's only goal was similar to that of all other Hollows that have deprived themselves of earthly connections - to devour or be devoured by other Hollows, completely forgetting himself and any gried he might have suffered in either life or death, to become truly void.

    Nowadays, that void is filled with a rather singular devotion to his protegé. Only thing that matters to him is keeping Gwen safe. He won't let anyone or anything come between them. Ever.

    Its not known how or when exactly San came to existence, even to himself. This is because he strove to forget whatever he might have been before, in attempt to get away from something that he considered painful, but now regards with apathy because he can't remember what it was. When Gwen found him, he was lurking in the mortal world, luring lost spirits to himself by masquerading as a lamppost and then devouring them.

    One night, a ghost of a litte girl came running to him, and clung to his fake form. He was about to devour her, when other Hollows came after her in hot pursuit, and he devoured them instead. When the fight was over, the girl was still there, and San, satisfied in his hunger, let her be.

    Later, more other spirits came to him, attracted by the little girl, and he slaughtered them as well. Everytime, he left the little ghost alone.

    In time, he came to wonder why the girl never left from him. Didn't she have any other place to go? Oh well. At least she attracted juicier prey to him.

    Then came a day when no other spirits came to him, and San felt he was being spread thin by his own hunger. He turned his hungry gaze on the little ghost, and considered eating her. But that didn't sit right with him - surely, eating her would ensure no new ghosts would come to him. At least, that's what he told himself. Instead, he devoured parts of his own flesh and mask to make the hunger go away, and it did.

    More days passed, and he watched the chain in her chest erode, link by link. Soon, she'd become a Hollow as well. Surely, she would leave then, and he'd have to leave also.

    It didn't sit right with him.

    So, when the chain ate a hole through her soul and a masked formed on her face, he took it off and fed her part of himself so she would never have to feel hunger like he'd done.

    Just like the girl had never left him, he would never leave her.


    Close combat ability: San is an excellent barehanded combatant. His reflexes are quick enough to deal with fastest of opponents. His strenght is far into superhuman range - he can easily chop through concrete or grown trees and can lift dozen times his own weight.

    Hierro: Very strong. It takes extreme effort to cause any damage to the white plates of San's armor. However, this quality doesn't transfer to his skin and flesh proper - it has other defense mechanisms.

    Speed: Fast by human standards. San has no ability in Sonido.

    Garganta: San can open one with some effort, and that's about it. He's very poor at navigating through the void, and rarely arrives exactly where he wants.

    Pesquisa: San's spiritual sonar has very short range, only extending about his own height to every direction. On the other hand, it's so accurate that he can thrive in close combat without any other senses to help him.

    Energy attacks: San can only use Cero, and he takes a considerable time to charge one. On the other hand, his Ceros are very powerful. He shoots them from palms of his hands.


    Shapeshifting: San can turn into a lamppost and back at will.

    Ghost among ghosts:
    San can make his flesh completely transparent, leaving only the glow of his Reiatsu visible within his armor. He can further push this power and selectively make his flesh intangible, to the point where all that's left of him is a hollow suit of armor. However, he can only use half of his strenght while intangible. In addition, only thing keeping the suit together in such situation is his willpower, so even if his enemy can't damage it, pieces of it can be yanked off, effectively depriving San from means of affecting things physically untill he becomes tangible again.

    Spirit like daylight:
    San's Reiatsu is antithetical to Hollows that depend on darkness, draining away their abilities like ordinary sunlight would.


    San is theorized to be constantly in resurreccion.
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